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How to add subtitles to a movie

by Ankit on October 23, 2011

Screenshot with Movie and Subtitle Name same

Some days back I downloaded a movie, and its subtitles but I wanted to add the subtitles to a movie. I mean I wanted that whenever I played the movie, the subtitles should automatically be fetched by the player. So, I did some research on the topic and that’s why today I just wanted to ...

How to Extract Text From an Image

by Ankit on October 20, 2011

How to extract text from an image

While surfing internet many times it happens that you come across certain quotes in the form of images. But to make a note of the quote you have to type the quote in text form. One way of doing this is that you can simply write the quote in some text editor, but if the ...

Chat With Command Prompt

by Ankit on October 15, 2011

chat with command prompt

Chatting with command prompt was fun, during our computer classes me and my friends used to chat on command prompt. Actually it’s also a nice trick to woo your friends. So, today I am going to guide you on how to chat with command prompt. Actually, for this trick all you need to know is ...

How To Downgrade Chrome

by Ankit on October 13, 2011

how to downgrade chrome

As the name suggests, today we are going to discuss a very controversial topic and that is about downgrading Chrome browser. Actually if I have to advise you something on this I would probably tell you not to downgrade chrome anyway. What does Downgrading Chrome Means? Downgrading Chrome actually means that instead of upgrading or using newer ...

How To Extract Audio From YouTube Videos

by Ankit on September 16, 2011

how to extract audio from youtube videos

Many times it happens that while searching for a particular song you come across its video on YouTube and you tend to download the whole video by using some desktop tool. Later you have to extract the audio that you actually were looking for. However I am strictly against this process because of following reasons: Firstly, ...

How To Find DoFollow Blogs

by Ankit on August 22, 2011

how to find dofollow blogs

Backlinking is an important thing in Search Engine Optimization. For those who are new to SEO, backlinking is simply a process of putting your blogs or websites link(URL) on some other page (blog or website). In this article I am going to guide you on how to find DoFollow blogs. So simply we can say that ...

Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

by Ankit on August 7, 2011

Hide Your Birthday on facebook

Facebook is one of the best social networking sites. However as far as privacy is concerned I would say that it does not give the adequate privacy to its users. Although it gives the users an option to change the privacy settings. Many times it happens that you don’t want your friends to know your ...

Toggle and Hide Comments in Google Plus

by Ankit on August 3, 2011

Hide Comments in Google Plus

As Google Plus entered in the world of social networking, people began thinking that it will be the Facebook killer as it was packed with many features that Facebook doesn’t have. But among all those feature many people didn’t liked the long comment lists in their Google plus stream. Actually having long comment list under ...

How to Make Firefox Transparent

by Ankit on July 24, 2011

How to make Firefox Transparent

I guess all of you would agree to the fact that Firefox is undoubtedly one of the best browsers in the world and its also my personal favourite. But despite of its cool features and superb add-ons somehow it has lagged behind in its looks. I mean if you don’t use any themes for firefox ...

How to write upside down on facebook

by Ankit on July 18, 2011

How to write upside down on facebook

Facebook is the only place where we try to do funky things to create a repo among people of being a Geek. Today in this article I am going to guide you on how to write upside down on Facebook. I may not be wrong in saying that updating Facebook status upside down fascinates many ...