Are Your Posts Getting The Right Attention?

Most of the novice bloggers face the problem that their blog posts are not getting the right amount of attention that they deserve. By attention I mean that the post gets less traffic, comments or may be its not getting shared on social networking sites. A blog with no readers is like a book on shelf which no one wants to read. It feels quiet lonely when nobody is there to read your great work, to appreciate your content or point out your mistakes.

Blogs that desperately need attention

Signs to tell you that your posts are not getting adequate attention:

Here I have enlisted some signs which will tell you if your posts are getting adequate attention or not. If these signs sound familiar then I am afraid to say that your posts are victim of inadequate attention syndrome.

  1. Your blog traffic is not growing: If your blog traffic is low and is not growing day by day. Then it simply means that your blog lacks loyal readers.
  2. Nobody comments on your posts: You don’t get enough blog comments on your posts.
  3. Your posts are not shared: Your readers do not share your posts their social networks.

If you have found out that your blog I suffering from less attention syndrome then you could read following possible reasons and tips to get rid of the same.

Reasons why your posts are not getting adequate attention:

Before heading onto the tips to get rid of inadequate attention syndrome it’s beneficial to have a look at the possible reasons for the same. Moreover, if you have found that your posts are getting less attention than they deserve, then you should check out the reasons behind it. I have listed down the most probable reasons:

  1. Your content is boring for your readers: Many times you have a nice idea but when you write it down, it doesn’t come out to be that good. And the result is that readers are not interested to read your content.
  2. Your content has a bad headline: These days only catchy headlines (post titles) work. If you have written a masterpiece and you dress it up with an old and boring headline, nobody is gonna come to read it.
  3. You are not able to hold the attention of visitors: People on internet have shorter attention spans, so it takes only few seconds for them to decide whether they want to read an article or not. If your headline is impressive but your first paragraph is boring and you fail to welcome your visitors, then your visitors are not going to read your posts.
  4. Site is Slow: May be a visitor liked your post and when he clicks to open that post it takes more than 10 seconds for the page to load. In most of such cases visitor will leave your site and search for some other faster site.
  5. Your Content is not shareable: If a visitor likes your content and when he tries to share it with his friends he is just not able to find the sharing buttons (share widget). There are two possibilities of it the first one being that you don’t have used any sharing widget for your posts and the second possibility is that your sharing button are at some place which is not very easy to find.
  6. Your Domain Name is difficult to remember: If a visitor likes your post and he decides to come to your blog daily, but next time when he types your URL he cannot recall it. So, your domain name has made you to lose one of your loyal readers. This is long run can kill your blog traffic.
Get adequate attention for your posts

Solutions to get adequate attention for your posts:

You could go through the below listed possible solutions to get the inadequate attention syndrome rectified.

  1. Work on Your Content: Always make sure that your headline is impressive, your first paragraph is informative and engaging and your content is unique.
  2. Work on your blog SEO: You need to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it can give you most of your visitors. The visitors that you get from search engines are targeted visitors and they have come to your blog for getting information, hence it is quiet easy for you to convert them to loyal readers.
  3. Work on Social Signals: Make your blog page on most of the well known social networking sites and encourage your readers to share your content.
  4. Make your site user friendly: You on your blog cannot judge its user friendliness. So, for checking it I would suggest you to note the behaviour of a first time visitor on your blog.
    • Note how he navigates to the posts
    • How he reads the content.
    • How he searches some other posts.
    • How he tries to share the content.

After doing the above work you need to improve the user experience on your blog.

5.  Save your Best for the Last: I mean if at this time if your blog is not having so much loyal readers, then it is a good idea to save your best posts till the time you start getting some loyal readers. It’s no point in wasting your best if no one is there to read it.

Please note that this will work only in case your best posts are on some evergreen topics like this one, in case its related to some technology then it’s always suggested to share it at earliest as technology is evolving day by day.


In the end I would say that every well written and unique article has the potential to grab attention, and all you need for this is some loyal readers and the right audience. For example if you have a blog in tech niche and you write about meditation then your readers won’t be bothered to share and appreciate your post as they are more inclined to technical things. They are simply not the right audience for your post. So, first of all establish a blog stick to one niche and when you have some loyal readers of that niche, and then your posts are bound to get the attention that they deserve.

Happy Blogging. :)

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