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Bad Piggies game is a sequel to the world famous Angry Birds. I believe most of us here have played the angry birds game, trying to eliminate the devilish green fat pigs, but this is a time to change teams. Rovio’s this game revolves around the pigs and you have to help these pigs to get through their missions. And off course the missions are bad and that’s why the game is called bad piggies.


The main motto is the pigs is to collect or rather steal as many eggs as they can get their hooves on. Now the real challenge for the players is to design the mechanical machines for pigs to escape after stealing the eggs. For making your own vehicles, you get some parts which you have to combine to together to form your own machines.

Bad Piggies Game Play:

The game is power paced with 90+ levels. In the game your primary objective is to help the pigs to cross the finishing line using your self-designed piece of equipment. Before start of each level you get a chance to create your personalised apparatuses using the available parts. The process of designing the contraptions is fun, though it requires some physics and a lot of creativity. But if you are not too good at physics, then also you can master the contraption building with some practice.


Players can get one star for reaching the finishing point, but achieving the other two stars varies from stage to stage. For example in some stages you need to reach the destination before a particular time to get the two stars, in others you need to reach the finishing line with some particular part in your contraption. If you are not good at building contraption then the sketch book icon present at the top can give you ideas on how can you make one.

In initial levels you are only restricted to cart based contraptions but as you move on you can also build flying machines with lots of other mechanical parts.

Bad Piggies Review:

Graphics: The graphics are okay not like the high end games but still okay for most people. (★★★)

Game Play: The game play is really addictive. The thing that I liked about the game is its unique and intuitive physics engine. (★★★★)

Music: The music is good and refreshing. Sometimes, I even keep the game running just to listen to the game music.(★★★★★)

Entertainment Level: As I have foretold that the game is very additive. So, according to me it scores 4 starts on entertainment level. (★★★★)

Download Bad Piggies For PC Free:

The official copy of the game is available for $4.95 at their official site.

But, the free full version of the game is available at: Download Bad Piggies For PC Free here

System Requirements:

  • Game size: 32MB
  • Operating System: OS Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • CPU: 1.5GHz or more
  • RAM: 1GB or more
  • Space Requirement: At least 200MB

So, this all about it. Do let us know how you liked the game.

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