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Flipboard is a social magazine app available for iPad, iPhone, Android. If you have already used it you are bound to fell in love with it. There are rumors that the app developers are working to make Flipboard for pc as well. But I just can’t wait till then so, today I will be writing about few online tools and services that can give for a Flipboard like experience on your pc.

If you are new to Flipboard or have heard of it for the first time, then I must tell you what this app does. Basically this app is a like a feed aggregator, with a modern and eye-catching design features. The app simply fetches the articles shared on your social network profiles and then presents them in a magazine layout. This feature makes Flipboard awesome for reading news and other latest events.

Flipboard for PC

Flipboard For PC:

Feedly News Reader :

Feedly News Reader is another social reader app for Google chrome. It can combine the data from different blogs, feeds, and social network sites and presents it to you in an easy to comprehend manner.

Feedly has a capability to integrate with number of online services like Google News, YouTube  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Google Reader, Pocket and Instapaper.

SurfBoard :

Honestly speaking this service is totally different from Flipboard, as Flipboard presents you the news from your social profiles while Surf board presents you the content from a website.

You can specify a website and surfboard will fetch all its contents and will arrange them in a magazine layout and then presents them to you. Browsing a website through surfboard is actually much faster than actually visiting the site. You can use your mouse and keyboard navigation keys to change pages.

PostPost :

PostPost can list news from your twitter streams in an easy to digest manner. All you need to do is simply visit the postpost website and then connect it to your twitter profile and you are all set to go through your twitter timeline in a much easier way.

PostPost doesn’t support Facebook so if you are much addicted to Facebook then this website is not for you.

Paper.li :

Paper.li is a content curation service that allows you to read your twitter and Facebook streams in newspaper format.

Paper.li also supports a pro membership feature that allows readers to use their personal logo for branding purpose and removes ads. It is a good option if you want your readers to get a complete picture of what is hot on your Facebook and twitter streams.

‘Persona/’ for Google Chrome :

‘Persona/’ is a Google chrome app that works similar to Flipboard. ‘Persona/’ can be integrated with both Facebook and Twitter, after integration it fetches you all your personalized news from your social profiles in an easy to read manner.

‘Persona/’ doesn’t only restricts you to mere reading but it also gives you capabilities like discovering, interacting and sharing the content. To open ‘Persona/’, after installing ‘Persona/’ simply open a new tab in chrome browser and then click on the ‘Persona/’ icon.

So this was all about Flipboard alternatives for pc. Do drop your comments if you know andy other alternatives.

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