What is FBML ?

Yesterday one of my blog commentators asked me to give some insight on “What is FBML” ? Actually I feel that as FBML is dead, so what I can do is to give you a brief introduction about What FBML is?

FBML stands for ‘Facebook Markup Language’. FBML is considered to be the Facebook’s own edition of HTML . FBML was the language that allowed third party developers to make applications that operate from facebook, but are hosted independently from it. However facebook is no longer using FBML and FBML is replaced by “iframes”.

Facebook stopped accepting new FBML applications from March 2011 and it will also stop supporting the existing FBML applications by June 2012.

What is FBML

Programming Capabilities of FBML:

Actually, FBML is not a completely new language, but it makes use of the regular HTML tags and quiet intelligently enhances the capabilities of HTML. FBML as a tool, can make your work in facebook API’s more efficient. FBML brings a lot of power to the developers allowing them to use the API calls only when most needed.

Javascript is not supported by FBML but it supports a facebook version of javascript called Facebook JavaScript (FBJS).


Example of FBML Tags: 

Apart from the regular HTML tags like br, div, h1, li, pre, span etc. FBML also supports some specific tags like fb:create-button, fb:dashboard, fb:error, fb:message, fb:name etc.

For example: Hello <fb:userlink uid= “loggedinuser” />! Thank you for visiting my Page!

the above code will result into a effect like this:

FBML Code Example

Here, fb:userlink is a tag that prints the full name linked to the profile.


Where FBML was used in facebook:

  • In Mini feeds
  • In News Feeds
  • In Facebook Notifications
  • Canvas applications

So, this is all about FBML in a nutshell. If you have some other information about Facebook’s FBML language then do drop in your comments in the comments section below.


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