How to change the number of Recent Items

Most of the windows users are aware that Windows has a feature to show the list of 10 most recent documents opened on the system and this feature is called Recent Items or Jump Lists. Although, Recent Items is a very nice feature in windows but sometimes I feel to increase the number of document it shows. There should be some option that gives you control on how many items you want the list to have. After surfing on Internet for this I came to know about the ways how to change this number and this is what I will be sharing with you today.

Method 1 – To change the Recent Items in Windows 7:

  • Right click on the taskbar and section the properties option.

Windows 7 Taskbar Properties selection

  • In the properties window select the “Start Menu” tab.

How to change the number of number of Recent Items

  • Now click the button that says “customize”.

Change the number of number of Recent Items

  • In the “Customize Start Menu” window change the items of recent items in Jump Lists as shown in the image.
  • Finally click the “Ok” button and your settings will be saved.

Note: This method only works for Windows 7.


Method 2 – To change the Recent Items in Windows 7 and Vista :

  • Open the Run window by pressing windows+R key combination.
  • In the run type regedit.exe
  • In the regedit window navigate to the path:


Modifiy recent Items via Registry Editor

  • In the Explorer folder create a “Dword” entry as shown in the picture and name it as “MaxRecentDocs”

change MaxRecentDocs settings

  • In the “Value Data” field select the number of documents you want to see in the Recent Items and select the base as “Decimal”.
  • Now restart the system and your changes will be reflected.


Disabling Recent Items

Note: If you want to completely disable the recent documents simply uncheck the option “Store and display a list of recently opened files” in Start menu properties (as shown in the above image). After restarting your machine, Windows wont save any recent documents in the list.



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