Grooveshark vs Spotify – A Close Comparison

Ludwing van Beethoven said that, “Music is … A higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy”. And I completely agree with him, music is one of the few things in the world that are universally followed. Most of the techie music lovers are familiar with the music services like Grooveshark and Spotify.

If you are not aware of these services then, I must tell you that both Grooveshark and Spotify are online music streaming services, their massive libraries, unlimited streaming and excellent music quality have made them one of the best online music streaming services.

Both of them offer free music but there are certain differences between these two services and today in this post I would be comparing Grooveshark and Spotify based on my experiences.

GrooveShark vs Spotify

Grooveshark vs Spotify

Ease of Use: Grooveshark allows you to stream music right from your browser. Moreover it supports most of the browsers like Firefox, Chrome, opera, IE. So, all you have to do to listen your favourite tracks on Grooveshark is just to keep a Grooveshark tab opened in your browser. Spotify on the other hand requires a streaming client for streaming music. There is no way by which you can access Spotify libraries via a browser.

So, here Grooveshark is a clear winner.

Music Quality: In terms of Music quality I would rate Spotify higher than Grooveshark. Grooveshark is open to all, anyone can upload his own tracks to Grooveshark, and there is no quality check on the music that is uploaded on Grooveshark. However in Spotify users cannot upload tracks so, it gives you an assurance that the music present on Spotify is of high quality.

Edge Goes to Spotify.

Music Sharing On Social Platforms: Both the services allow you to share your favourite tracks on Facebook. So, on this point there is tie between them.

Grooveshark and Spotify iPhone Apps

Music Library Size: As Grooveshark is older than Spotify so their music libraries are of a much larger size than Spotify. Many times on Spotify you will find certain tracks or albums missing but this probability nullifies on Grooveshark.

Point goes to Grooveshark.

Music Organization: In terms of music organization Grooveshark lags behind Spotify because as I have foretold that Grooveshark libraries are open to all and hence there are times when you will see duplicate tracks or Albums. So at times it becomes quiet frustrating to choose the better ones. But on Spotify you will find music libraries quite organised with no duplicates.

So, here Spotify is a clear winner.

Sharing Playlists: Both Grooveshark and Spotify allows you to share your playlists with your friends through email, provided that your friend is also a subscriber. After receiving the playlist your friend will be able to listen to your playlist.

Advertisements: The revenue model of both the services highly depends on ads. On one hand Grooveshark only shows you visual ads, but Spotify at times can be highly disturbing because it periodically interrupts your playlists with audio ads, unless you have a paid account. I personally feel that audio ads are more disturbing than visual ones so I would give an edge to Grooveshark.

Our Verdict:

After rating both Grooveshark and Spotify on the above points the tally comes out to be: Grooveshark – 3 Spotify – 2

So, Grooveshark comes out to be the winner between the two, but if you rate music quality higher then you should go with Spotify. Also, if you plan to go with the paid options in both the services then Spotify offers better services than Grooveshark.

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