How to Remove “Speed Up Browsing By Disabling Add-ons” Popup in IE9

When you open Internet Explorer 9 then it may show a popup at bottom of the screen telling you to disable add-ons in order to speed up the browsing experience. Basically this popup message has an intention to tell you that one of your installed add-ons is taking too long to respond and hence it is making IE9 a little sluggish.

Speed Up Browsing By Disabling Add-ons

Now if you want to remove this popup you are left with two options, the first one is either you choose to disable the add-on that is creating the problem or you can increase the time required to respond for the add-on.

Option-1 Disabling the add-on:

This method is only suggested in the case you don’t want to compromise with your browsing speed.

  • Follow the “Speed up browsing” popup by clicking the option “Choose Add-Ons”.
  • When the “Choose Add-ons” window opens disable the add-ons in which the time delay is shown in red color.
  • Restart your browser and the popup is gone.

Choose Add-ons in IE9

Option-2 Extend the delay for the add-on:

This option is suggested in the case when you don’t want to lose the culprit add-on but you can compromise a bit with your browsing speed.

  • Follow the Speed up browsing popup by clicking the option “Choose Add-On”.
  • When the “Choose Add-Ons” window opens, look at the bottom of the window and there is an option that says “Tell me when the delay caused by add-ons exceeds” (as shown in the above picture), from the drop down menu select a new delay time for the add-ons to exceed and then click the “Done” button.
  • Now, from next time the “speed up browsing by disabling add-ons” notification banner will not appear until the new time limit has been exceeded by some other add-on. If you have chosen the maximum time delay that is 10 seconds then the popup won’t appear at all.

Happy Internet Browsing :)


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Eric Stan December 24, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Thanks for this. Before reading this post I used wonder if there is away out for this.

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