How to Check Data Usage on iPhone

I guess you all would agree that the last working day of the month is the best day and we always look forward to it as we get our pay-checks & pocket money on this day. However there are many others who are haunted by this date every month as they are going to be billed for their iPhone data usage on this very day. So this article is really gonna be your stress reliever. Today I am going to guide on how to check data usage on iPhone so that you don’t feel that you are over charged by your Service Provider.

There are four ways to check data usage on iPhone depending on your Service Providers.

Using Billing Report of the Service Provider  :

This method is very easy to check data usage on iPhone. You need to follow below mentioned step by step procedure:

1) Login to your Service Provider’s Website, example AT&T’s wireless website.

2) Login to your account.

3) Now drill down to “Bills and Payments”.

4) Click “Create Billing Report” and “Data Usage Trend”.

5) Data Usage Trend will give you a detailed graph on how much data are you consuming on  your iPhone.

This is the most simple and hassle free ways to check data usage on iPhone. However not all Service Providers support this “Data Usage Trend”. In case your Service Provider does not support this don’t worry. You can still use the following 2 approaches.

Online Data Calculator :

There are several easy-to-use online data calculator that will enable you to estimate your mobile data usage that too free of cost. Online Calculators not only help you to estimate your mobile data usage but they also help you to judge that which plan would be right for you.

Please find below link to download online calculators:

1) AT&T – Please download AT&T online calculator from here “AT&T”.

2) Verizon – Please download Verizon free online calculator from here “Verizon”.

3) Sprint – You could also sign into Sprint to check your data usage online. Please go to this link for signing in “Sprint account

Mobile App for AT&T Users :

This method is only applicable to those who are using AT&T’s network on their iPhones. AT&T users would be happy to know that AT&T offers an easy to download mobile app to keep track of your data usage.

How to Check Data Usage on iPhone with AT&T mobile app

Please follow below steps:

1) Go to App Store.

2) Search for “AT&T myWireless app”

3) Download the app from the App Store and install it on your iPhone.

4) Launch the app.

5) Login to your AT&T account.

6) In the main menu, tap Usage.

7) At the top of the screen, select Data.

Now you will be able to see a screen outlining of your current data usage.

Using Apple iPhone Features:

You will be amazed to know that Apple has also provided an easy way to check data usage on iPhone. All you have to do is to follow below mentioned simple steps to achieve this:

1) Go to your iPhones Home Screen.

2) Tap the “Settings” icon.

How to Check Data Usage on iPhone using Iphone feature

3) Now in Settings, select “General” option.

4) Now select “Usage”.

5) At the bottom of the screen you’ll see your Cellular Network Data, both Sent and Received data usage would be available here.

Using Apple iPhone Features

Please note that your iPhone may not always exactly match the data usage of your service provider. If you are nearing your data usage limit or have any reason to be concerned then I would always suggest you to directly check with your Service Provider for updated, billable usage.

Also please ensure to reset your usage data as soon as month ends and you want to start a fresh calculation for the next month. Its very simple to do, all you have to do is to just tap the “Reset Statistics” as shown in below figure.

Using Apple iPhone Features Reseting Stats

So, this was all about how to check data usage on iPhone. Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions or issues in the comment section below.
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