How to Save Battery on Android Phones

Android phones are the best available phones in the market and the factor that attributes to their success is their brighter screen, faster processor and ability to support tons of apps. But these features are also responsible for draining your android battery faster. In this post I am going to list out all the possible ways you can use to improve your android phones battery life.

How to Save Battery on Android Phones

Tips to Save Battery on Android Phones :

1. The first thing I would suggest to improve your phones battery life is that always make a habit to close unnecessary apps running an your android phone because these apps drain your battery by increasing load on the processor and they also make your phone slow.

2. The biggest reason for draining battery on android phones is display. You can reduce this power loss by setting a shorter backlight timeout duration (backlight timeout duration is the time after which the screen backlight goes off)

3. Turn off your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi if they are currently not in use. GPS can also drain you phone battery faster so make a habit to turn it off after use.

4. Reducing you screen brightness can drastically improve your phones battery life.

5. If your device has AMOLED screens then try to use dark colour wallpapers and themes on your phone. AMOLED screens can trim down power usage sevenfold by displaying black instead of white or any other color.

6. Try not to activate vibrate feature in your phone as it may end up eating your phones battery a lot faster than any other feature.

7. Keep your phone in standby mode when you are not using it. This can be a very effective tip to cut down battery usage.

8. Install power management applications on your android phone, you can find many of them free of cost in android market.

9. Say a big no to “Live wallpaper” applications, as they consume more battery and processor resources.

10. There are few apps in your Android phone which keep on updating and sync. The built in email application can eat up your battery badly because it syncs with your email too frequently. So, in emergency situations when you are running short of battery you can reduce the frequency with which the phone checks your email. This goes for Facebook and twitter apps as well.

So, with these ten tips you can effectively save your android phones battery.



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