Firefox memory leak : How to Fix

Although I am not a big time fan of Firefox but still sometimes I do use Firefox because of its add-on support. Few days back while browsing on Firefox, I noticed that it is occupying a big chunk of memory on my machine. I tried to reduce its memory usage by closing out some tabs but it didn’t worked, latter I surfed this on internet and came to know that it is a very strange behaviour of Firefox generally called as Firefox memory leak. The main cause of the memory leak is that may be Firefox is not able to release the free memory properly and hence goes on taking up the memory without any limit.

Firefox memory leak

Fixing memory leaks in Firefox by using Firemin:

Firemin is a third party application that can check and optimize the memory usage of Firefox. It is also called Firefox Plumber. Firemin ideally sits in the background and manages Firefox memory from there.

Fix for Firefox memory leak issue by using Firemin

Simply install Firemin and it will automatically take care of the Firefox memory leak. You can also set Firefox to launch whenever you run Firemin. You can download Firemin here [Fix for Firefox memory leak]

To install simply unzip the downloaded “” file, run the Fireman.exe and it will do the Firefox babysitting for you :)

Reduce Memory Leak issue in Firefox by changing configuration:

If you don’t want to install any third party application to fix Firefox memory leak then you can do certain changes in the Firefox configuration although these changes won’t fix the leaks completely but still they are quite helpful in reducing them.

  • Open the Firefox browser and in the URL bar enter “about:config”.
  • Now you will find a page where all the Firefox configurations are enlisted.
  • Right click on the configuration page and choose New > Integer and name it as “browser.cache.memory.capacity”. Set it to 16384 (means 15 MB).
  • Again right click on the configuration page and create another Integer named as “browser.cache.disk.capacity”. Set it to 15000.
  • Now create another attribute this time a Boolean one. Right click select New > Boolean and name it as “config.trim_on_minimize”. Set it to true. This means that whenever you minimize Firefox it will try to free up memory on its own.

After doing these changes restart the Firefox and you will notice that the memory leak issue in Firefox will be significantly reduced.

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