Hide Files Inside an Image Without any Software

Most of us use third party applications to hide files on our machines, but today I am going to share a trick that you can use to hide files inside an image. This trick doesn’t needs any third party software to hide the files, all you need for this trick is a file archive software like Winzip, Winrar or 7zip.

So here we go:

1. First of all create an archive of all the files that you want to hide.

Create an archive of all the files that you want to hide

2. After this press “windows+R” now in the Run window type “cmd”.

Compressed File to be hidden

3. Now a command prompt window will open up. Now here in this window you have to navigate to the root directory (where you have kept the files) and then type the command as:

Copy /B <imagefile.jpg> + <Archive_to_be_hidden.zip> <outputfile.jpg>

Command to be run for hiding the file

Here in the above command <imagefile.jpg> is the file that you are using for hiding the archive. <Archive_to_be_hidden.zip> is the archive that is to be hidden, it should be noted that it is not essential to have the archive in zip format, it can be any format like RAR, 7Zip, Tar, etc. <outputfile.jpg> is the file that will contain the image as well as the hidden files.

If you will open this output file with any image viewer then it will be displayed like an image but to see the files inside it you have to open it with winzip, winrar or whatever archiever you have used. For additional security you can also set a password on the archive.

4. After running this command you will see that it has generated the output file in your working directory.

Output file generated by the command

5. You can open the output image with winzip or winrar to see the hidden files.

Open the output image with winzip or winrar

So, this was the simplest way of hiding files inside an image. Please share your comments or suggestions in the comments section below.


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[email protected] February 28, 2012 at 3:28 pm

Very interesting tutorial and quite useful, though little difficult for common users. I appreciate your work.

Admin February 28, 2012 at 6:07 pm

Thanks JK. :-)

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