Facebook Font Download

Facebook Font is one of the few fonts that many people like to have in their systems. I hope you all would agree that this font is really very mesmerizing and therefore many people want to download it for their personal and professional writings. And hence today I am going to write about “Facebook Font Download”. But before heading onto the topic I will like to brief you on how this font came to existence.

Facebook Font Download

Facebook Font History:

Facebook font was designed by a Graphic Designer, named Joe Karl. Joe specializes in Art Direction, Design and Typography. If you want any more info about him then you can visit his website: joekral.org

The second important thing about the Facebook font is its colour. Some people say that Facebook logo colour white and blue colour combination was a personal choice of Zukerberg as he is colour blind. Strange huh!

Facebook Font Download:

Actually as I foretold that the actual font that facebook uses is a custom font designed by Joe and hence it is not an official free font. But no need to feel disappointed as here I will be telling you about another font named as “Lucida”. I believe this font was the original inspiration behind the facebook font because both these fonts resemble to a great extent. You can yourself see this in the below image.

Facebook font Lucida and its Variations


Download link for facebook font [Facebook font download]

Please note that all the above mentioned variations of “Lucida font” are contained in the above downloaded package.

After downloading the font extract the font and then right click on the files with “.pfm” or “.ttf” extension and select the install option as shown. Doing this will automatically install the font on your system and now you will be able to use the font in all the MS-Office and windows applications.

Install the lucida font

If you want more details about how to install a font then you can checkout this post.

So, this was how to get Facebook font downloaded on your machine, if you have any queries or have faced any problems while downloading Facebook font then please convey by using the comments section below.

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