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In this post I am going to guide you on how to spell check in Excel Sheet. Most of you would be aware that in MS Word spell check is done actively and automatically while you are typing data in the document. However in Excel there is no way to do a spell check automatically.

I would suggest that it’s always good to spell check only after you are done with the data entry in the worksheet and are about to mark the sheet as complete. Please note that the steps shared below will be same for all versions of MS Excel.

Please follow below steps for spell checking in excel:

1) Press Ctrl + A and select all cells of the excel sheet.

2) Navigate to “Review” tab located at the top ribbon of the excel.

spell check in excel

3) Now Select “Spelling” Button. After this spelling check will be initiated.

spell check in excel

4) It will prompt a new window which will suggest the correct spellings of the word.

5) If you want to Change it then press “Change” Button, else you could press “Ignore Once” button.

6) Please note that if you want to change the dictionary language then you could easily change it from the dropdown and set it as per your requirement. Please refer above picture for this.

7) After checking all spellings, a message would be prompted as shown in below screen shot.

spell check in excel

8 ) Click on “Ok” button.

Please ensure to save your worksheet after doing the changes. This is how to spell check in excel using the above mentioned step by step procedure.

Additional Tip:

This tip is for those users who might not want to use the navigations and need a shortcut to check spelling.

Please press (F7) key to do spell check.

So this was all about spelling check in excel using various buttons and short cut key.

Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions, and feedback in the comments section below.


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