How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

In this tutorial I am going to suggest my readers on “How to increase laptop battery life”.

Portable computing devices like Laptop have changed the way we used to look at those bulky squared headed giants used for computing. The portability of laptops have been one of the best feature that lead to their success. However its battery life has been the biggest flaw of laptops. I guess we all would have gone through the time when we are in middle of a very important task and meanwhile our laptop is running out of battery. So here are 32 Tips on how to increase laptop battery life.

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

1. As you all would know defragmentation arranges the data on your hard drive. The more your data is arranged on the hard drive, the less it takes your hard drive to access the data. Therefore the less you hard drive takes to access the data, the less load is placed on the battery. Please make it a habit to defragment your laptop regularly.

2. Background processes also cause a load on the battery so it’s always suggested to end any un-necessary background applications or processes.

3. Pause any scheduled tasks like virus scan. You can also disable anti-virus and firewall if you are not connected to internet.

4. Switch your Power Plan to “Balanced “plan.

5. Change advanced power settings to fine tune your power-saving preferences.

6. Remove any external devices like USB devices (including mouse) and WiFi if they are not in use.

7. Disable your wireless internet and Bluetooth if you are not using it currently.

8. Remove CD and DVD drives if you don’t intend to use it.

9. Instead of using external drives or DVD\CD drives, move your content to virtual drives like Pismo File Mount or Microsoft Virtual CD ROM.

10. Decrease screen brightness to the lowest level that you tolerate using Display Setting in Control Panel.

11. Mute the speakers.

12. Do not use any multimedia software as using such software also drain battery noticeably.

13. Disable screensaver.

14. Disable features like Aero Glass.

15. Please use Hibernation mode instead of sleep mode, if you are not using the laptop.

16. Do not do multi-tasking. You can increase battery life considerably by just using one or two programs simultaneously.

17. Add more Ram, as it reduces the load on Virtual memory which in turn decreases the power consumption of battery.

18. Clean air vents of laptop regularly to prevent any blockages and while using laptop keep it at a clean place away from dust.

19. Avoid leaving your laptop inside a closed car or under direct sunlight. Unnecessary heat impacts battery consumption.

20. If you are using Ni-MH battery then you could improve battery life by completely discharging and then recharging the battery at least once in every fortnight.

21. Update your softwares and device drivers regularly.

22. Use original or genuine adapter to charge the battery.

23. Remove battery completely from laptop if you are not going to use it for quite some time. Ensure to store it in a cool and dry place.

24. Clean the battery every month with a cloth moistened with alcohol.

25. Be a little gentle to your laptop. If you have a single battery charge then prioritize your work, passive tasks like email and word processing consume less power as compared to gaming or playing a DVD.

26. Do not leave your battery in dormant mode. Ensure that you use battery after charging.

27. Turn off Auto Save functionality of Microsoft Office Word and Excel.

28. Disable Windows Sidebar gadget.

29. Disable Startup applications.

30. Disable Search Index.

31. Get yourself a more efficient laptop if your needs are high. There are many newer laptops which support all day long batteries.

32. Please monitor your power efficiency report to keep track of the usage. To get the report please follow below steps:

• Go to Start.

• Type CMD, right click cmd.exe and Run as Administrator.

• On command line, type powercfg –energy.

Now you will be able to view a power efficiency report.

So, these were the tips on how to increase laptop battery life.


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