How to Read ePub Files

Epub files are the open publication structure eBooks, that have an ePub extension. ePub files are the one of the most popular eBook formats. ePub stands for Electronic publishing. Today in this post I will be guiding you on “how to read ePub files”.

Read ePub files on Firefox:

The most simple and economical way to read ePub files is reading them on your Firefox browser. For this you need to equip your Firefox browser with “EPubReader” add-on. Actually an ePub eBook is a kind of archive file containing text and images. The add-on simply does the job of decompressing the ePub archive and then it opens the file in the browser window.

How to read epub files

Reading ePub files on Chrome:

If you are using Google Chrome then you can try the Magic Scroll eBook Reader. The add-on is a minimalist eBook reader. It can also work without internet connection.

Read epub files on Chrome

Read ePub eBooks online:

Bookworm is a free online platform for storing and reading ePub eBooks. The best part about this service is that you don’t need to install anything to read the eBooks. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account with bookworm. Once you have an account you can add books to your library and read them from anywhere you want.

Bookwork service to Read epub files online

Read ePub eBooks on Windows and Mac:

Stanza is a third party desktop application that you can use to open and read ePub files on Mac or Windows. It is simple, light-weight software that also lets you save the ePub eBooks into different formats (like pdf, text, rtf and word), apart from reading them.

Reading epub files on Stanza

Read ePub eBooks on Windows via Mobi Pocket Reader:

Mobi Pocket Readeris a complete eBook reader for Windows, as it supports many eBooks formats like pdf, ePub and office formats. If you have a habit of reading eBooks on your desktop then you should go for this app.

Read epub files on Mobi Pocket Reader

So, this was all about reading ePub files on your desktop.

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