How to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from being Hacked

Mobile phones are currently the most common technology gadget that can be found among humans in the world today, and that for good reasons too. If we take a look at how the mobile phone has evolved over the years we will notice that a lot of cool things have happened. Apart from receiving and dialing calls, it now has support for gaming, broadband internet, communication and even real-time features. Couple this with the fact that mobile phones are very cheap and affordable to everyone and you will see why people can hardly do without a mobile phone.

Prevent Your Mobile Phone from being Hacked

It is undeniable that day by day mobile phones are getting loaded with more and more features and while that is a good thing, but the problem is that it also comes with its own risk. How then would you protect your mobile phone and prevent it from being hacked, or even stolen? Based on my own personal experience I will be sharing few tips with you on how to prevent your Mobile Phone from being Hacked.

Use Strong Encryption/Password for Your Bluetooth

The wireless technology is growing in influence and popularity every year but one major problem is that it is also the most vulnerable part of mobile technology, both in regards to personal computers and mobile phones.

The Bluetooth technology is the wireless technology used by most mobile phones and while it has been designed in a way that it can be protected to ensure security, the cold hard truth is that it is also very vulnerable. The first step you can take to protect yourself in the case that someone is trying to hack your mobile phone wirelessly is to use strong encryption for your mobile phone. This means you should only use a secure pin you’re very sure of with your Bluetooth; don’t ever use the same pin that came with your mobile phone and ensure you are constantly changing your pin.

Always Switch Off Your Bluetooth when not Using It

Another step you should take to protect your mobile phone is to always switch off its Bluetooth functionality whenever you are not using. There are now several mobile apps that utilize the Bluetooth file sharing functionality to control files on a mobile phone. Most mobile hackers have it installed and regularly scan the vicinity for “open” Bluetooth devices. They now do a bit of reverse engineering to crack the password of the device; once they’re able to crack your password it becomes easy for them to get access to your device in the future.

Hacking your device via Bluetooth not only gives the hacker access to your multimedia files and folder, it also allows them to make calls under your device number and details (which can be used to incriminate you), it allows them to send SMS messages and it allows them to reset your phone or delete your files.

The solution in this case is to always switch off your Bluetooth and only put it on when you really need it.

Install a Mobile Security Software that You Alone Control

Another way to protect your mobile phone is by installing mobile security software that gives only you control of your mobile phone. A standard mobile security has many features including but not limited to:

  • Regularly scanning your mobile phone for viruses and malware.
  • Allowing you to control your mobile phone remotely in the event that it is stolen.
  • Giving tips and suggestions on what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong with your mobile phone.

Personally, I use the Kapersky mobile security software and it does the above and more. It also has a feature where I can easily block my phone remotely in the case that it has been hacked or stolen.

Your mobile phone might already have its own security software or you might want to take additional measures to make it even more secure. Make sure you always have mobile security software installed on your mobile phone.

This post is written by Paul. Paul is a mobile phone expert that helps people get SIM Only related info.


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