How to Unsend or Undo send an email in Gmail

Many times it happens that after writing an email you press the send button and just after that you spot a typo or a grammatical mistake in your email and now it’s too late for any corrective action and you cannot do anything. But Gmail offers you a functionality that can unsend your email. Quiet amazed! Huh! Well today I am going to tell you about this feature so you can know how to unsend an email in gmail.

Actually, this feature won’t recall an email that’s already gone; it just holds your message for ten seconds (but you can increase this duration) so you have a chance to hit the Undo button. The message will be sent even if the connection is lost or you closed the browser. By default this feature is disabled in gmail. And to use it you have to activate it first.

So Follow the below steps to activate the “Undo Send” feature in gmail:

  • Log in to you gmail account.
  • Now go to gmail settings.
  • In the settings navigate to the “Labs” tab.

Unsend an email in gmail

  • In the “Labs” search for “undo send” as shown.
  • Now enable the “Undo Send” feature as shown in the above image.
  • And click the save changes button.


How to increase the “Undo Send” Time:

Many people don’t feel 10 second is enough time to undo a send mail so in gmail we have another option to increase this time to 30 seconds. Follow the below steps to increase the time.

  • After logging to gmail, go to the settings page.

Enable Undo Send Option in Gmail

  • In settings on the “General” tab, there is an option “Send cancellation period:” you can increase the time from the dropdown and save the changes.
  • Now, your send cancellation period is increased.


Follow the below steps to Unsend an email in gmail:

  • The unsend option will only work if you have followed the step 1.
  • When you send any mail from your gmail, then you will find a message on the top (as shown in the image above) which says “Your message has been sent.”

undo a sent email in gmail

  • Now if you want to Unsend the email click the Undo button and you email will be not sent.

So, this was how to unsend an already sent email in gmail.


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