Nokia Asha 200 Review

Nokia Asha phones portray Nokia’s plans to conquer the dual sim phone market. Actually there is nothing so special about the phone to be highlighted but Nokia has launched this phone for the bulk population in India and other Asian Countries.

The previous dual sim phone that Nokia launched was around a year back but now with the new Asha series coming into picture Nokia has more than 10 phones in this category. This shows Nokia plans to conquer the cheap dual sim market in India and if you have a look at the sale figure then you can easily come to the conclusion that this strategy is working for Nokia, at least in India. Enough side talks, now let’s head on to topic.


Nokia Asha

Nokia Asha 200 Keypad:

Nokia Asha 200 is a dual sim phone with QWERTY keypad and a 2.4 inch screen.  In terms of design the phone looks cool with a plastic body and a plastic keypad along with chrome finished buttons on the sides. Having a QWERTY keypad gives an edge to the phone in its typing ease and speed but the plastic keypad that the phone has is not so comfortable for typing. So, if you are a big time text messenger, then this phone is going to trouble your thumbs.

Dual Sim Capability:

As the phone is a dual sim phone so it has two slots for sim’s. Both the slots are at different places, one slot is below the battery and other is on the right side of the phone. The sim slot on the right side of the phone is hot swappable, this means that you change the sim from this slot without needing to restart the phone.

Just above the sim card slot on the right side there is a memory card slot, which can accommodate memory of upto 32 GB.

Nokia Asha 200 Colors

Nokia Asha 200 Display and Camera:

It comes with a 2.4 inch TFT screen that has a 320X240 pixel resolution.  Display resolution and color rendition is good. The phone has a 2 MP camera. The camera that is incorporated in the phone captures pictures of 1200 X 1600 pixels. The camera can also capture videos at 10 frames per second.

The phone can capture some really nice pictures in well lit conditions as there is no flash in the phone.

Operating system, Battery and Price:

Similar to most of the Nokia phones this phone also runs on a Symbian 40 operating system and has a 1430 mAh battery that provides 6-7 hours of talk time. Apart from the above mentioned features the Asha 200 also has Bluetooth, Music Player, FM Radio, GPRS and 64 MB ROM. Nokia Asha 200 costs around Rs. 4400/- including the default accessories.

So, if you are searching or planning to buy a (basic) cheap dual sim phone then I will suggest you to go with Nokia Asha 200.

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Maria April 5, 2012 at 3:05 am

This is one of the Trendy phones today. I see this phone with most of my friends. Asha 200 gives more features at a lower price. The exciting colors do make the phone look much better.
The Music is so good just like the HD Audio. Now we can directly download songs in this phone and get the high quality music output. This phone is basically designed for music and Chat. There are around 4 millions free songs list to directly download in this phone. Some extra features of the audio enhancements are also available for self control. The qwerty keypad is also a big advantage for long hour of chatting.

Manish April 5, 2012 at 2:04 pm


Nokia Asha 200 is nice. It has dual Sim feature, 2 MP camera, Qwerty keypad, And it will allow the pocket as well.

I have it in Blue color, which looks so cool.

wishiami April 12, 2012 at 12:13 pm

i have one nokia asha with “white” colour, but i can’t download picture from the internet, anyone can help me?

Admin April 12, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Hi Wishiami,

I believe its an Internet Connectivity Issue. Please check with your Internet Service Provider.

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