Nokia Pure View 808 – 41 Megapixel Camera Phone

Quiet amazed with the title? Huh. Yes, you read it right Nokia has launched a megapixel machine and it is named as Nokia Pure View 808.

Nokia pure view 808 - 41 Megapixel camera phone

Nokia Pure View 808 has Carl Zeiss lenses, placed on top of a jaw dropping 41 megapixel camera that can shoot 7728 X 5354 photos in 16:9 format or you can also select 4:3 format with 7152 X 5368. Apart from this there is nothing much special about the phone. The phone runs on Nokia’s Symbian OS.

Basically the phone has a feature of “over sampling”. Over Sampling is an algorithm that can do certain special operations with pixels, it can group seven neighbouring pixels and can combine them to form a single super pixel, with a GPU procession of one billion pixels per second. This in layman terms means that with this phone you can take photos in 5, 8 or 38 megapixel options.

Nokia pure view 808

In terms of zoom the phone has a 4X digital zoom for Images, a 3X zoom for capturing videos in 1080p mode and 6X zoom for capturing them in 720p mode. Packed with these features the phone is also the first one in Nokia phones to record HD Audio with Dolby Digital plus.

So, on paper the phone has more megapixels than any DSLR camera but the truth is if you compare the images of a 10-14Megapixel DSLR camera with Nokia Pure View’s 41 megapixel camera then you won’t see much difference and this is due to the fact that if you are looking at the images on your computer screen then your computer screen is not good enough for you to see the difference in the pixel density of a DSLR and Nokia 808 but if you print these photos on billboard then you can clearly see that Nokia 808 clearly wins the race because of more pixels.

The phone has a 360X640(nHD) screen with 512Mb of Ram and 16GB of inbuilt memory that is expandable via external memory cards.

The estimated price of Nokia Pure View 808 is €450 or $600. The phone will be available in the markets by May -2012.



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