Skype Offline Installer – Standalone Version

Skype offline Installer is the best source for downloading and installing Skype. If you have to install Skype on more than one machine then installing a Skype online version is a sheer waste of time and bandwidth. So, today in this post I will guide you on how you can get a standalone Skype offline installer.

Skype Offline Installer

Before moving in to the topic I will bring out few points in favour of Skype. Skype is one of the best video chat tools that are currently available for windows, Linux and Mac. Apart from the desktop versions now Skype is also available for various mobile platforms. The latest version of Skype is packed with some of the best features that enable to integrate the messenger client with Facebook. Also, the feature in Skype to make free voice and video calls to mobiles or landlines is an awesome feature.

Why Offline Skype Installer?

Actually these offline installers are a sheer waste of time and bandwidth. Generally, when you go to the official site of Skype there you can get an online installer. An online installer is typically a small program of 1Mb size and its job is to establish a connection between the client machine and the Skype servers and then download the Skype program files on to the client machine. At fist look this process may seem to be much sophisticated but it’s a pain for the users that use dialup connection. So, a better option is an offline installer.

The trend of online installation is growing these days as more and more programs like Google chrome, Skype and Yahoo messenger are joining the race. Actually if you look from the companies perspective then it’s okay as they can track the IP of the person who is downloading the program and also third party sites are not able to distribute the software but then it’s not a good idea as for installing the software each time you have to connect to the internet.

The Skype’s offline installer only weighs 24 MB and hence can be easily downloaded and latter installed on many computers without connecting to internet.

Download Skype Offline Installer

Installation Process for Skype offline:

Download Skype Offline Installer -2

  • There is nothing special about the installation process. After you download the Skype offline installer simple double click it and select the language form the dropdown and then click the “I agree-Install” button.
Download Skype Offline Installer - 2
  • Now Skype installer will prompt you to install a Firefox add-on called “browser Highlighter”. Personally I never liked this add-on so I don’t click the checkbox, but if you find it interesting then you can simply check the checkbox “Yes I want to install Browser Highlighter” and click the “Next” button. One thing I would like to make very clear that this add-on in no way is going to affect Skype and is totally different from it.
Download Skype Offline Installer - 3
  • After this the Skype offline installer will start installing the files and when the installation is complete, it will show you a prompt where you simply have to click the “Finish” button. And you are ready to chat with your Skype.


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