Pinterest Invite – How to get one

by Ankit on April 3, 2012

Pinterest has become a blaze in early 2012 in the world of social networking domain. You will be amazed to know that it has captured more than 11 million visits in just a month. Probably I would not be wrong in saying that you have not got Pinterest invite yet and because of that you do not have access to it. :P

Pinterest Invite

So my dear readers don’t feel low, in this article I am going to guide you on how to get Pinterest Invite. A recent story has suggested that the site is capturing more referral traffics as compared to YouTube and Google+ together. However the site is still accessible on invite-only.

How to get Pinterest Invite:

To be honest getting a Pinterest invite is a very easy job all you need to do is to follow below mentioned steps :

  1. Go to Pinterest.
  2. Now click on “Request an Invite” on
  3. After this add your email id.

That’s all, after completing above mentioned steps you will get the Pinterest invitation on your email id. Please note that after getting Pinterest invite, Pinterest would be lot more fun if you follow some or all of the below suggested ways.

1) Get yourself out there: In case your friends on Google+, Facebook , Twitter are already on Pinterest then do ensure to hook up with them, else you could easily invite them to join Pinterest and thereby making it much more fun.

2) Security First: Please note that we strongly do not recommend you to post your email address all over internet; therefore please ensure that you know the person whom you are inviting in a public forum.

3) Caution: Although we have not heard any information confirming that Pinterest is a scam. However please let us know if you have heard and also please do not click any unfamiliar address. Please note that in past, sites like Google+ have also been inclined to scams involving fake invites.

Please feel free to share your feedback, queries or suggestion in the comments section below.

Happy Pinning :)



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