Top 10 Best Google Chrome Apps

One of the best features of Google chrome browser is that it supports tons of apps. These apps are basically small utilities that can help you in your day to day tasks. The best part about Google chrome apps is that they are free of cost and you can simply install them directly from the Chrome Webstore.

Best Google chrome apps

Apart from Google chrome apps Chrome Webstore also provides themes and other extensions that you can integrate with Google chrome.

In this post I have listed 10 best Google chrome apps that are must for any chrome user.

10 Best Google Chrome Apps:

All the apps that I have listed below are rated according to my personal likes. This article in no way says that the other apps on Google Chrome Webstore are not good. You can yourself browse the chrome webstore to find out other interesting apps.

Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker:

Dr. Web Anti-Virus Link Checker

Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker allows you to scan a link before visiting it. To scan a link simply right click over the link and select the scan option. The plug-in also has a feature to auto scan all the links present on sites like Facebook, Google+ and other social networking sites. This makes your web browsing experience much safer. The best part about this app is that it does not slow down your browsing experience.

You can try this plug-in here.

Gmail Offline:

Gmail offline is an app that allows you to access your Gmail emails even when you are offline. After installing the app it downloads all your emails to a local drive on your computer. The app allows you to read your email and also has an option to compose and send them, but sent the emails will be queued and will be sent when you get connect to the internet next time.

On connecting to internet the app automatically synchronises your offline inbox and runs the queued actions.

You can try this app here.



This app makes your online reading experience better, by turning any webpage into a comfortable reading page right in your web browser. Apart from just making the webpage more readable the app also allows you to send any webpage to your kindle device or you can also save a page to read later offline.

The app is also configurable and allows you to choose best the font colour, font size and hide images according to you taste.

You can try this app here.

Google Dictionary:

As the name suggests it is a very sophisticated dictionary app for chrome browser. This app gives you the convenience to search the meaning of any word just by double clicking on it. When you double click a word present on a webpage the app opens a small pop up bubble with the definition of the word.

It also translates the foreign language words to any language of your choice. Apart from English the app supports 12 other languages.

You can try this app here.



Aviary is a Google chrome app and is very similar to Photoshop. This is a layer based image editing application and can be used to perform most of the basic image editing operation along with some of the complex operations. This is the one of the best Google chrome apps because it gives you all the options of a professional desktop image editing application right in your browser.

Aviary can make chrome a little bit lethargic but a must try for all the Photoshop lovers.

You can try this app here.

Internet TV:

This is an app for the people who are great lovers of television shows. This chrome app allows you to stream thousands of satellite TV stations throughout the world. The basic requisite of this app is a simple high speed  internet connection.

This app also gives you an option to choose your TV channels based on your location.

You can check out this app here.

Write Space:

Write space turns your chrome browser into a distraction free, fully customizable, offline full screen text editor. It is designed to minimize your distractions while writing. Its special auto save feature gives you the freedom to save your document each time you type a new character and in this way you don’t even have to think about saving your document periodically.

You can also change the font colour size and background colour of the editor. It’s a must try app for all the writers and bloggers.

You can try this app here.

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia:

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia allows you get complete information about anything without opening Wikipedia in browser. This app allows you to search anything on Wikipedia without opening the web interface of Wikipedia. Apart from the basic functionality the app also gives you options to save your recent wiki lookups and back and forward buttons.

This app also supports multiple languages. It is one of the best Google chrome app for Wikipedia fans.

You can try this app here.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

This is an official app form tineye this app allows you to find exact match of an image. To use this app you have to input an image and the app and then it will search the web for all the similar images and will show you a list of visually related images.

This app does not have any separate icon you can simple use it from the right click menu option.

Try this app here.

Weather Underground:

Weather Underground

Weather Underground provides weather information from all the worldwide locations. This app provides a nice way to view your current weather conditions. The best part about this app is that it displays the weather conditions with high definition and beautiful backgrounds.

You are bound to fell in love with it.

You can try this app here.

Do not forget to tell us, which of these Google Chrome apps did you find the best? Check them out and let us know.

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Gautham Nekkanti August 1, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Aviary looks like a handy app to do the quick GFX Stuff and simple editing

Sandip Bhagat August 3, 2012 at 1:14 pm

Well it is a good collection of google chrome apps. I used some others like google screen capture, google chat, ebuddy, etc. include these too.

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