Etiquette for iPhone

Nowadays iPhone has became a Status Quotient amongst all, because of its beautiful display, awesome audio and video capabilities and the bouquet of features and apps it offers to its users. However there is still a need to follow cell phone etiquette no matter which phone you are using, be it an iPhone or any other Smartphone. Today in this post I am going to share with you the basic etiquette for iPhone users.
Etiquettes for iPhone

1) Please do not impose your music, videos and games on others while using your iPhone in public.

This is the most basic etiquette for iPhone users and is very easy to follow. I have seen many people hanging around in public areas and playing loud music or videos. Please ensure to avoid such incidence where you are using your iPhone like a BoomBox at a public place. Please keep the bright screen of your iPhone towards yourself and use earphones or headphones when you are at public places.

2) Please disable or remove the footer while sending an email.

I know that the footer is a default setting, however you can easily change it to something that is more professional or personal depending on your email usage or you can simply delete it. To be honest such footers like “Sent from an iPhone” does not look good in email conversations unless you are trying to impress someone. ;-) . If you are using the phone for corporate or business purpose, then I understand that you have to avoid any mistakes while drafting the email and hence you have kept the footer. However you could still modify the footer accordingly to suit your business need instead of flaunting your iPhone. Personally I use this footer “Please excuse the terseness of this email as it has been sent from a hand held device.”

3) Please do not use your iPhone while driving.

This is the most important etiquette for iPhone users and must be strictly followed. I have seen many people who are tempted to use iPhones while they are stuck in traffic or they are waiting at a traffic signal. Please note that its completely insane, cell phones are not supposed to be used while driving for your own safety. I agree that iPhone has a bouquet of multimedia apps, etc, however please resist to it until you reach safely. Your iPhone is not going to run anywhere; you can use it once you have reached your destination.

4) Please don’t push people while playing games in public.

I know those car-driving, bike racing games are so much exciting. But please note that everyone has its own personal space. Please don’t push or poke people while using iPhones in public.

5) Know the difference

I agree the Apple owners already have a superior reputation; however there is no need to superimpose it to your friends and other people. Okay! I know that some of you would say that you guys are really not trying to superimpose it on others, so here is a question for you guys. Do you think there is a difference in saying “Check out this cool app!” and “I have better apps than you!” or not?

Yes, there is a difference. In the former sentence there is a spirit of sharing, however in the later there is a spirit of haughtiness. Try to understand this difference.

6) Mind the world around you.

Walking around with your head down as you continue to play a game or as you search for an underground station at a map or any other activity on your iPhone encourages sidewalk collisions. So please mind the world around you while iPhoning.

7) Please do not connect your iPhones to unprotected Wi-Fi networks.

This is another most important etiquette for iPhone users from security perspective. If you are using your iPhone for corporate or business use, then please do a small favor to your IT Admins and do not connect your iPhone to any unprotected Wi-Fi Network as it might lead to security breach of your corporate secrets. Please stick to your 3G or your LAN strictly.

8)  Please do not flaunt your iPhone.

I know that iPhone was a big-label item some years ago. But please note “WAS” in that sentence. You are no longer a member to an exclusive club just by using or buying an iPhone. So please avoid flaunting your iPhone, it makes you look like a fool now.

9) Please change your ringtone.

If you are sitting next to a person who is having the same phone as yours then please change your ringtone as it generally avoids confusion when somebody gets a text or a call.

10) Last but not least, iPhone is a cell phone

This is the last but not the least etiquette for iPhone users and sums up this whole article. We all know that iPhone is different as it offers entirely new set of opportunities to its users. However the fact is that iPhone is a cell phone. You can’t deny this fact, which means that all traditional cell phone etiquettes still apply to iPhone.

So, this was all about etiquette for iPhone. Please feel free to share your feedback, concerns or issues in the comments section below.

Happy iPhoning. :-)

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