How to Shop Online Safely

These days more and more people are using internet and due to this there is a significant increase in the number of frauds and internet scams. If you go by numbers then in the year 2010 there were 383,809 internet scams that were reported. So, this gives you an impression that how unsafe you are while using internet.

How to shop online safely

So, Today I will be sharing some of the tips which you can follow to shop online safely.

1. The first and foremost thing to Shop Online Safely is that if you want to make any transaction online check if the site is secured or not. Secured sites are those sites which start with “https” instead of the regular “http” prefix.

2. You should have a good anti-spyware installed in your system because if your computer is infected by a spyware then it can easily give the access of your important data to hackers.

3. Don’t copy paste your bank account number or account password because the data which you copy paste is easily accessible to a website, if you need any proof of this then simply copy some text and visit this website and there you can see the text you have copied.

4. If you are shopping from a site for the first time then it’s better to check their domain expiry date, because the sites which are build to cheat people are only registered for one year or so, whereas trusted sites are generally registered for longer durations.

5. Always see the supplier’s contact details if you are buying anything from them.

6. If you suspect a website then simply search google about the site with the keywords like: “Review for [website name]”, “[website name] is fake” or “[website name] is scam”. This will give you results which can tell you how trustworthy is the website.

7. Before shopping from a website always ensure to check the third party approval seals like Better Business Bureau Online—(BBBOnline) or TRUSTe.

8. Google Page rank and Alexa rank can also give you some insight that if a website is trusted or fraudulent. If the website has low page rank and high alexa rank (above 1 Lakh) then it’s better to drop the shopping plan from that website.

9. Never-Never shop from the links that you get in your emails because in 99% cases these links point to fake and scandalous websites. Instead shop from the web-stores that you trust on.

10. And the Last Million dollar tip to shop online safely is to use commonsense. By common sense I mean that if you know that Iphone 4s 64 Gb costs around $400-450 and if a web-store is selling it at $100 then you can clearly get an idea that the website is fake.

So, that was it. Be careful and be safe.. Happy shopping.. :)

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