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How To Delete Blank Rows in Excel

by Ankit on February 23, 2012

How To Delete Blank Rows in Excel

Personally I always get annoyed by Blanks Rows or cells while importing data from an Excel to CSV file or a text file. I guess it’s a very common problem which most of us have faced while trying to import data from excel sheet to text file or zip file. So today in this tutorial ...

How to Read ePub Files

by Ankit on February 21, 2012

How to read epub files

Epub files are the open publication structure eBooks, that have an ePub extension. ePub files are the one of the most popular eBook formats. ePub stands for Electronic publishing. Today in this post I will be guiding you on “how to read ePub files”. Read ePub files on Firefox: The most simple and economical way to read ...

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

by Ankit on February 20, 2012

How to Increase Laptop Battery Life

In this tutorial I am going to suggest my readers on “How to increase laptop battery life”. Portable computing devices like Laptop have changed the way we used to look at those bulky squared headed giants used for computing. The portability of laptops have been one of the best feature that lead to their success. However ...

How to Repair a Word Document

by Ankit on February 19, 2012

Repair Word Document

Sometimes while opening word documents like .doc & .docx files, MS Word shows an error message that it was unable to open the document because the document is corrupted. In many cases this problem will not have enough severity, like: if we have a backup of the document or if the document is not so ...

How to Send a Text Message (SMS) Using Email

by Ankit on February 18, 2012

How to Send a Text Message Using Email

Last week I came across an intresting article that was about sending a text message using email after reading that article I thought of wrting on the same topic on my blog too so that my blog readers can also take the benfit of this. These days only few people are aware of this trick to send ...

Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Chrome

by Ankit on February 16, 2012

Fix shockwave flash crashes in chrome

I guess all Google Chrome users would have gone through the most annoying problem where in Google Crashes while using shockwave flash. This problem has been reported to Google many times and they have tried to fix it however still the problem has continued through Chrome 10 to the current Chrome 15. In this tutorial ...

How to Open WPS File in Word

by Ankit on February 15, 2012

How to Open WPS File in Word

As most of you would be knowing WPS is the file extension for a Microsoft Works File. To be honest Microsoft does not support WPS Files very well. Hence the best way to avoid WPS File is to get your old computer upgraded. However in this tutorial I am going to help you on how ...

How to turn off UAC in Windows 8

by Ankit on February 14, 2012

How to turn off UAC in Windows 8

UAC stands for User Account Control. UAC is feature in windows that helps to prevent any unauthorized changes to your computer. UAC does this by asking permissions before performing any actions that could possibly affect your computer. As a feature it seems to be good but sometimes you will feel it to be quiet annoying. ...

How to Configure Outlook for Yahoo Mail

by Ankit on February 13, 2012

How to configure outlook for yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is the third largest email provider in the world just after Gmail and Hotmail, but I personally feel that it doesn’t gets the required attention and respect. So, when I had written the post on “how to configure outlook for Gmail”, I had already decided to write the same post for yahoo mail ...

How to Speed Up Firefox – Complete Guide

by Ankit on February 12, 2012

How to Speed Up Firefox

Firefox is probably one of the best internet browser these days. It is so much popular among users because of its features and its extremely light interface that does not consume much system resources. But if you are a power internet user and have used Firefox to extremes then you will feel that it is ...