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How To Lock Cells In Excel

by Ankit on March 26, 2012

how to lock cells in excel

In this article I am going to guide you on how to lock cells in excel sheet. To start with I will be throwing some light on what do we achieve by locking cells. Locking cells will protect your excel sheet and will not allow any user to edit the data unless they enter the ...

How to create drop down list in excel

by Ankit on March 25, 2012

How to create drop down list in excel

Excel is the most powerful data entry tool. One of the many exciting features of MS Excel is creating drop down list in excel. I can really assure you that use of drop down lists in excel can greatly improve your data entry experience in excel. Drop downs enable you to allow users to choose values from a specified ...

How to Label Axes in Excel 2007 and 2010

by Ankit on March 17, 2012

How to label axes in excel

While making charts and graphs in excel it is very important to label the axes so that the person who is reading them may know what the x and y axes represents in the chart. Few days back one of my readers asked me how to label axes in excel. Actually, the option to label the axes ...

Prevent Your Mobile Phone from being Hacked

Mobile phones are currently the most common technology gadget that can be found among humans in the world today, and that for good reasons too. If we take a look at how the mobile phone has evolved over the years we will notice that a lot of cool things have happened. Apart from receiving and ...

Enable Facebook Timeline for Pages

by Ankit on March 8, 2012

Enable Facebook Timeline for Pages

Just recently Facebook has announced to roll another update that will enable the Facebook timeline feature for pages. Although the official date decided by Facebook to roll out this update is March 31st, 2012, but if you are curious about this timeline feature then you can enable it right now also. So, in article I ...

Get Virtual Desktops on Windows 7

by Ankit on March 2, 2012

Get Virtual Desktops on Windows 7

Virtual Desktops are a blessing for those users who want to manage their cluttered desktops on Windows using a program or software which can help you to open multiple desktops virtually on Windows 7.  Today, in this article I am going to guide you on how to get Virtual Desktop on Windows 7 without straining your ...

How to Force Quit on Mac

by Ankit on March 1, 2012

How to Force Quit on Mac

I think you all would have endured the situation wherein your program (mail, word, etc) gets frozen or hangs or becomes unresponsive and is not allowing you to do anything. To be honest I feel as if my computer has been hijacked when such things happen. In such a case we normally do “End Task” ...

Hide Files Inside an Image Without any Software

by Ankit on February 28, 2012

Create an archive of all the files that you want to hide

Most of us use third party applications to hide files on our machines, but today I am going to share a trick that you can use to hide files inside an image. This trick doesn’t needs any third party software to hide the files, all you need for this trick is a file archive software ...

How to Uninstall Programs on Mac

by Ankit on February 26, 2012

How to Uninstall Programs on Mac

Uninstalling programs on MAC is not an easy task as it does not come with an Add or Remove Program Feature, like it does in Windows OS. Although uninstalling in MAC might look an easy task at first glance as all you need to do is to move the application to Trash bin. However this ...

Etiquette for iPhone

by Ankit on February 25, 2012

Etiquettes for iPhone

Nowadays iPhone has became a Status Quotient amongst all, because of its beautiful display, awesome audio and video capabilities and the bouquet of features and apps it offers to its users. However there is still a need to follow cell phone etiquette no matter which phone you are using, be it an iPhone or any ...