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by Ankit on December 17, 2011

Many people don’t like distracting ads and heavy design elements on a website, and thus for them it’s a good idea to view sites in text only mode. Viewing a site in a text only mode means that you will only see the text version of the page and the heavy design elements like images , CSS and java scripts would get loaded. It is much of a lighter version of a webpage. Moreover the text only mode can also save the bandwidth and thus it’s also beneficial for the people who have limited internet usage plans or people with slow internet connections.

So, today I am going to write a tutorial for the people to view websites in text Only mode.

Visual difference between a Complete Webpage and a Text Only Page

First I would like to show you the difference between an ordinary webpage and a text only webpage.

Text Only Mode in Chrome

The First Image is the normal view of our home page with a size of 488kb and the second image is of the text only version of our homepage with a size of just 12 kb.

Text only Extension for Chrome Users:

Text Only is an extension for Google Chrome browser that loads only text version of  a webpage, this can be immensely helpful for the people who have low speed internet connections. This extension uses to render a text-only version of the webpage. is website that displays the text version of the web pages that you ask it to fetch. It removes the un-necessary and bulky items on the page like ads, flash content and java scripts.

  • After installing the extension you can click this icon to change the page into a text only version.

text only version in chrome






  • Or alternately you can use the Ctrl+T shortcut for the same.


You can download this extension here:  Text Only Mode in Chrome



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