How to Delete or Deactivate Facebook Account

Facebook is a giant social network with a user base of around 750 million+ users. Recently Facebook is doing a lot of experimentation with its features and because of it some Facebook users are not happy with this so, they want to delete their Facebook accounts. And for this reason, today I will be guiding you on how to delete or deactivate your Facebook account.

How to delete Facebook account permanently

Deactivation VS Deletion:

There is a subtle difference between deactivating Facebook account and permanently deleting it. Deactivating you Facebook account means that Facebook will disable your account, it won’t allow anyone to see your profile, wall posts etc. But, you can again reactivate the account anytime, by simply logging in to your account.

On the other hand to delete Facebook account means that Facebook will delete your profile and information from their database and this is an irreversible process, if your Facebook account is deleted once then you won’t be able to retrieve it back.

So, I will suggest that deactivation is a better and safer option, but here in this post I will explain both the procedures.

How to deactivate your Facebook account:

  • To deactivate your Facebook account, login to your Facebook account.

Facebook Account Settings

  • Navigate to “Account Settings”.

Facebook account Security settings

  • In the “Account Settings”, go to the “Security” tab, there is an option that says “Deactivate your account”, click on that link.

Deactivate your facebook account

  • Now in the “Deactivate Account Page” fill the details as shown in the image and hit the confirm button.
  • Now your Facebook account is deactivated. Your profile will be not shown to any of your friends or public. You can reactivate the account by simply logging to your Facebook account.


How to delete Facebook account permanently:

Facebook Delete My Account

  • Click the “Submit” button.

Permanently Delete Facebook account

  • Now a new dialog box will appear it asks for your password and a CAPTCHA image to enter in.
  • Enter the required fields and click “Okay” button
  • Now you will receive an email that says you have initiated the account deletion process and your account will be deleted in 14 days. Any interaction with the account during that period could prevent it from being deleted, so in the meantime:
    1. Do not try to login to your Facebook account; you may want to clear your browser cache and delete your cookies so that you don’t login inadvertently.
    2. Do not click the Facebook “Share” or “Like” button on any site you visit.
    3. Do not use Facebook Connect to login to or signup on any site (see Before You Start, above.)
    •  Now simply wait for 2 weeks without logging in to Facebook and after 14 days your account will be deleted.

    So, this was how to delete Facebook account.

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    Mohd Akbar December 19, 2011 at 11:32 am

    I was trying to delete my old facebook account. So got here great information. And I will use this points which you have mentioned above. thanks mate.

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