How to Take Care of Touch Screen Phones

These days markets are flooded with touch screen phones and each day more and more people are buying touch screen phones. But as you know and it is evident from their design that touch screen phones are delicate than keypad phones. Or in other words we can say that touch screen phones need more maintenance and care than keypad phones.

How to take care of touch screen phones

So, today I am going to write a tutorial on “How to take care of touch screen phones”. This tutorial is a must read for the people who are using touch screen phones for the first time:

1. Keep your touch screen phone away from direct sun, water and dirt.

2. If possible cover your touch screen phone with screenguard, but this depends on you and these days most of the touch screen phones come with a hard and flexible fibre cover that separates the touch sensitive detector and the actual screen you can see from outside. So, If you are uncomfortable with a screenguard don’t use it.

3. Always remember it is a “touch screen phone” and not a “press screen phone” :D . So, avoid using pressure on the screen. Many times when a phone hangs we press the buttons harder but don’t use the same with touch phones, otherwise you may end up screwing your phone.

4. If your phone has come with a stylus make a habit to use it.

5. Grease is your phone’s enemy. Get yourself a good cleaning cloth immediately in case if you need it

6. Make a habit of cleaning your touch screen phone every month, otherwise you’ll recognise the symptoms of ‘touchscreen trauma’ when it starts selecting items for you by itself. Clean the phone with a cotton cloth, a big no for any cleaning agent or detergents.

7. Be extra careful while operating the touch screen with your fingers. A touch screen is usually very sensitive and therefore some pressure from your finger could activate some features that you might not want.

8. Avoid Static electricity as static electricity can leak into the layers that exist on the touch screen and can make the touch screen insensitive.

9. Don’t keep the phone in your pocket or purse with some coins or keys coz you may end up scratching your phone.

10. Keep your finger nails short and blunt while operating a touch screen phone with fingers.

11. Ladies using touch screen mobiles are cautioned not to let your phone come in contact with sunscreen creams and lotions because any contact with such things will make your touch screen mobile dead.


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it solutions lincoln ne December 14, 2011 at 10:10 pm

Screen protectors like the InvisiShield will not only help prevent scratches on the screen, but also can help to reduce the smudges on the screen.

Prafull Ghatole December 15, 2011 at 12:09 pm

Nice information.. will help to lots of touchscreen mobile users.

Admin December 17, 2011 at 4:00 am

@it solutions lincoln ne: Yes I strongly agree with you.
@Prafull: Thanks for the comments.

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