How to create drop down list in excel

Excel is the most powerful data entry tool. One of the many exciting features of MS Excel is creating drop down list in excel. I can really assure you that use of drop down lists in excel can greatly improve your data entry experience in excel. Drop downs enable you to allow users to choose values from a specified range. This proves to be of great help if you have to share your excel to an audience who needs to enter their inputs using some pre-defined values for some columns.

Actually creating dropdown lists in excel are quiet easy, you don’t need to write a macro or any large piece of code. MS Excel has a defined set of Options that you need to configure to get a drop down list. All you need to do is to configure it correctly as guided below.

Steps to create drop down list in excel:

How to create drop down list in excel

  • First of all open an excel sheet, and create the value that you want to populate in the drop downs.
Create drop down list in excel
  • Now select the cell where you want to have the drop down, navigate to “Data” tab present on top of MS Excel ribbon and then select “Data Validation” in “Data” Tab as shown in above screen shot.
Create drop down list in excel -1
  • Now in the “Data Validation” window, select “List” in the “Allow” drop down, in the source select the range where you have the range. In this example the Range is “A1:A8” as highlighted in above screen shot.
How to create drop down list in excel -2
  • Click on “OK” and your drop down is ready

If you have any problems in creating dropdowns in excel then please have a look at the below video. Everything is explained clearly in this video.

Please share your feedback or queries in the comments below. In case you have come across any other tip which helps in creating drop down list in excel then do share it with us.



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