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Google Chrome Video Downloader

by Ankit on June 16, 2012

Google Chrome Video Downloader

Google Chrome Video Downloader makes your overall internet browsing experience better by allowing you to download your favourite videos directly from Google chrome. Using a video downloader is very easy, it’s just a matter of few clicks before you can have your favourite video downloaded on your machine.The best part about chrome video downloader is ...

20 Best Google Chrome Themes

by Ankit on June 4, 2012


Google Chrome Themes can give your Chrome browser a personal touch. The stock Google Chrome Theme is quite dull and boring. Moreover it is a good thing to personalise your web browser to suit your needs by installing important extensions and the theme you like. Here in this post I am going to enlist some ...

Google Chrome Download Manager Addons

by Ankit on April 18, 2012

Google Chrome Download Manager

Today in this post I am going to guide you on  Google Chrome Download Manager add on. As all of you would agree Internet Download Managers are very beneficial to download files, music, videos, etc using your internet browser.  They have the capability to download a single file using multiple threads and this increases the ...

How to Read ePub Files

by Ankit on February 21, 2012

How to read epub files

Epub files are the open publication structure eBooks, that have an ePub extension. ePub files are the one of the most popular eBook formats. ePub stands for Electronic publishing. Today in this post I will be guiding you on “how to read ePub files”. Read ePub files on Firefox: The most simple and economical way to read ...

Fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Chrome

by Ankit on February 16, 2012

Fix shockwave flash crashes in chrome

I guess all Google Chrome users would have gone through the most annoying problem where in Google Crashes while using shockwave flash. This problem has been reported to Google many times and they have tried to fix it however still the problem has continued through Chrome 10 to the current Chrome 15. In this tutorial ...

View Websites in Text Only Mode in Chrome

by Ankit on December 17, 2011

Text Only Mode in Chrome

Many people don’t like distracting ads and heavy design elements on a website, and thus for them it’s a good idea to view sites in text only mode. Viewing a site in a text only mode means that you will only see the text version of the page and the heavy design elements like images ...

How To Downgrade Chrome

by Ankit on October 13, 2011

how to downgrade chrome

As the name suggests, today we are going to discuss a very controversial topic and that is about downgrading Chrome browser. Actually if I have to advise you something on this I would probably tell you not to downgrade chrome anyway. What does Downgrading Chrome Means? Downgrading Chrome actually means that instead of upgrading or using newer ...

How To Do Chrome Session Restore

by Ankit on September 19, 2011

Chrome Session Restore

Before heading onto our topic about Chrome Session Restore I would like to ask few questions to you:What happens if you accidently close your internet browser ?What happens when your internet browser crashes?Well! If you don't know then let me tell you that you need not worry in both the cases as in most of the internet browsers ...

Auto Poke Back on Facebook

by Ankit on August 12, 2011

Auto Poke Back on Facebook

Some people on facebook are power pokers. I mean if you are in the friend list of any such users they will make your social life terrible by poking you every now and then. So if any of your friends are suffering from poking mania then you are at the right place. Today I am going to ...

Toggle and Hide Comments in Google Plus

by Ankit on August 3, 2011

Hide Comments in Google Plus

As Google Plus entered in the world of social networking, people began thinking that it will be the Facebook killer as it was packed with many features that Facebook doesn’t have. But among all those feature many people didn’t liked the long comment lists in their Google plus stream. Actually having long comment list under ...