Download Angry Birds Space for PC (Full Version)

Angry Birds Space is another awesome game from the makers of Angry Birds. The game is special space version packed with amazing hd graphics and levels. Angry Birds Space redefines the old Angry Birds by taking the old angry birds to space, where each bird gets affected by a different gravitational pull and now you can download angry birds space for PC. Your birds might orbit a small celestial body, float unimpeded through space, or rotate around a planet.

Download Angry Birds Space for PC

Whats new in Angry Birds Space PC Game?

Actually the story line is that a giant claw has stolen an egg, and the angry birds follow them and find themselves in the space about 242.5 ML from the earth. The birds are floating helplessly in air and are surrounded by space pigs that they have to defeat if they want their eggs back.

Download Angry Birds Space PC Version

Angry birds Space will be a game in the weightless environment where gravity ceases to exist. The birds that you release though the slingshot do not move in a straight line, their trajectory changes according to the planets gravitational pull. In the game pigs can freeze to death if you pop their protective seals. Explosive TNT crates will add to the adventure and will double the damage.

The game also has a bunch of new birds too. A  new ice blue bird turns hard metal to brittle ice, which is easy to knock down. The Yellow bird has a NASA-approved homing technology. And if you want to know what it is I will suggest you to play the game right away.

Download Angry Birds Space PC Game

The best part is that the game doesn’t stops you at the 60 levels but it gives you bonus 30 levels also which are much harder than the regular levels, but you need to loose out your pocket for them. But don’t worry the game has three bonus levels available for free but to unlock them you need to find and hit the warp fields throughout the game.

Features of Angry Birds Space PC Version:

  • 60 new interesting levels
  • Brand new birds
  • Zero gravity space adventures
  • Hidden Bonus Levels
  • Asteroid and TNT’s
Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds space for PC System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor 2GHZ or better
  • RAM 512MB min
  • Free Space 48 MB for installation.

Download Angry Birds Space for PC

Installation Instructions for Angry Birds Space PC Version:

Although the game is easy to install but to patch the game you need to follow the instruction given below:

1. First download angry birds space for PC and install the game “Angry Birds Space”

2. Copy the Patch to the installation folder, and run the patch.

3. Run the game and enter the serial provided and hurry its all done and you are all set to enjoy angry birds space.

If you have any queries related to the game, please feel free to tell us via comments section.

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Pradosh March 30, 2012 at 4:34 am

brought the game soon after release and have to see BEST GAME OF ANGRY BIRD SERIES.

LeshanLOVE_AngryBirds April 13, 2012 at 2:30 pm

Tank’s You = Terima Kasih Ya i Like You

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