What is FBML ?

by Ankit on December 25, 2011

What is FBML

Yesterday one of my blog commentators asked me to give some insight on “What is FBML” ? Actually I feel that as FBML is dead, so what I can do is to give you a brief introduction about What FBML is? FBML stands for 'Facebook Markup Language'. FBML is considered to be the Facebook's own edition ...

How to Delete Facebook Account

by Ankit on December 18, 2011

How to delete Facebook account permanently

Facebook is a giant social network with a user base of around 750 million users. Recently Facebook is doing a lot of experimentation with its features and because of it some Facebook users are not happy with this so, they want to delete their Facebook accounts. And for this reason, today I will be guiding ...

Play Ra.one Game Online

by Ankit on October 24, 2011

Play Ra one Game Online

Actually these days most of us are awaiting for the Diwali festival and on this Diwali festival Sharukh Khan’s super movie Ra.One is going to release. Actually I believe the marketers of the movie are not leaving any stone unturned for the promotions of the movie. And recently I came across a game based on ...

Facebook Shortcuts [Very Very Useful]

by Ankit on October 11, 2011

facebook shortcuts

Have you ever heard of Facebook shortcuts? Puzzled?? Yes, you heard it right, there do exist some keyboard  shortcuts which can be very helpful for the Facebook power users. These shortcuts are browser dependent i.e. for every browser there are different Facebook shortcuts using keyboard. So today I am going to share with you the Facebook shortcuts for commonly used internet browsers. Google ...

Facebook How To Unfriend Someone

by Ankit on October 3, 2011

facebook how to unfriend

Facebook is probably the largest social networking site with almost 800 million active users, so there is a fair chance that you don’t like every single person in your friend-list. So today I am going to guide you on how to unfriend someone on Facebook. There are various ways to unfriend someone. I am going ...

How To Share Songs on Facebook

by Ankit on September 23, 2011

How To Share Songs on Facebook

Many times you want your friends or someone special in your friend list to know which song you are hearing currently or which song do you like. And to make your social experiences better Facebook supports a feature by which you can share songs on Facebook with your friends. Although Facebook doesn’t have a built ...

How to Post Blank Status Messages on Facebook

by Ankit on September 12, 2011

how to post blank status messages on facebook

Facebook has really became a trend setter these days. Every now and then we see some cool geeky stuff on Facebook that we all look forward to publish same to flaunt among our friend. To be honest there are lots of such stuff at Facebook one of these stuff is posting blank status message. So after ...

Facebook’s Upcoming Privacy Features

by Ankit on August 27, 2011

Facebook’s Upcoming Privacy Features

Facebook has publicized on its official blog that they will be rolling out some new security and privacy control features in the upcoming days which would solve the privacy problems being faced by Facebook users. According to the security experts Facebook's privacy features are a positive step from the social networking giant and will defiantly ...

Auto Poke Back on Facebook

by Ankit on August 12, 2011

Auto Poke Back on Facebook

Some people on facebook are power pokers. I mean if you are in the friend list of any such users they will make your social life terrible by poking you every now and then. So if any of your friends are suffering from poking mania then you are at the right place. Today I am going to ...

How To Get Old Facebook Chat Back !

by Ankit on August 10, 2011

How To Get Old Facebook Chat Back

I am not the only person who feels that the new facebook chat is quiet annoying. It doesn’t shows who’s online except some of your friends with whom you interact the most. So, today I am going to share how to get old facebook chat back. Actually to get your old chat feature back you ...