Reading Blogging Gurus: Good or Bad

Reading the blogs of Blogging Gurus gives us inspiration and we as a blogger dream about making the same amount of money someday.  But personally, I feel that reading blogs of these self proclaimed Blogging Gurus is of no use. I have been in blogging arena from a considerable time and I can assure you that most of these top rated bloggers simply waste your precious time. I know that this may sound somewhat bizarre but later in the post I will be highlighting some points that will give weight to my argument.

Stop Following Self Proclaimed Blogging Gurus

Who are these self proclaimed Blogging Gurus?

Actually you can identify these blogging gurus yourself, most of the top rated bloggers who just blog for self advertising or affiliate programmes come into this category. For the sake of content these bloggers are getting more dependent on the Guest Authors and these guest bloggers try to write a best piece of their life and they simply handover it to some blogging guru for publishing it in his blog.

I am not saying that these self proclaimed blogging geniuses are not great Bloggers. They definitely were the best bloggers of their time and they have written may great blog posts in past but now they are no more concerned in delivering the best they are simply reaping the profits.

Why reading Blogging Guru’s is a waste of time?

  • As we all know that as these bloggers have established their image in front of their readers so they never try too hard to deliver the best content. They simply understand that they are the king of the time and people will come to read even if they write some below par content.
  • They get hundred’s of Facebook likes, thousands of twitter shares, thousands of digs even for some crappy content. So these bloggers don’t care about Search engine optimisation as their referral traffic is so enormous.
  •  Every second article they write is about some affiliate program, which is simply for their monetary purpose. The heading of these topics is like “How I got 20K visitors from blah blah..”, “How I made 10K dollars in a single day with XYZ product” and these catchy headlines fool the innocent budding bloggers.

I know that many of their affiliate products are very genuine but then if you have to become a successful blogger then it needs sheer dedication, products can automate certain things but Google is strictly against automation.

  • As they know that they have an established blog, and Google respects their domain authority. So, there are times when they lag behind to cover a particular news event but they still are able to rank in the search engines as they have high domain authority.

I know there is nothing bad in this but, what about the budding blogger who covered the news before the big daddy?

  • Their blogs are tightly packed with affiliate ads and this is not considered good from the reader’s point of view. All the time they are trying to sell things on their blogs. If they like selling so much they should launch some online shopping portal instead of negatively impacting reading experience.

Some people might consider this genuine as the blog belongs to them and they can publish any ads they want, but they should remember that readers have made them the market leaders and if they continue to impact the reading experience then readers can topple their crown of being Market Leaders.


I will end up the above arguments saying all of the blogging Gurus are not like this. Definitely, there are other Blogging Geniuses that delicately bring out the best content every single day.

For the budding bloggers like me I would like to say that, budding bloggers can do better and they don’t need to follow any Market Leader or Blogging Guru. Just keep on writing the content that your readers love and one day you will also be one of the successful bloggers.

Happy Blogging :-)


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