How to recover corrupted files from a Memory Card or Flash Drive

Recovering corrupted files from a memory card or flash drive is a troublesome task. Sometime back I encountered the same trouble, all files present in my USB drive got corrupted. It was only after this incident that I started surfing internet to find the possible ways to retrieve my corrupted data back. Soon after I was able to retrieve it back successfully. So, today in this article I am going to guide you on the same.

How to recover corrupted files from a memory card or flash drive

Firstly I would like to highlight that it is a good habit to use your devices in the recommended way because once your data is corrupted there is no guarantee that it can be recovered. So the best way to be out of trouble is to avoid it altogether.

Here are few ways that could be used to recover data:

Disk Check:

The first approach that should be used in the event of data corruption is to start disk check for your drive. Disk checking is windows inbuilt functionality to repair the corrupted drive. This command checks the disk for any corruption in the disk structure and then tries to repair the problem.

Recover corrupted files via Disk Check

  • To start disc checking first go to “RUN” by pressing “win+R” key.
  • In the Run window type “cmd”.
  • In the command prompt window type “chkdsk [drive name] /r” for example your drive letter is “e:” then your command will be like “chkdsk e: /r”.
  • Here in the command “/r” stands for repair, so that if any problems are found they can be repaired.

After the disk check is complete try to open the drive and check if the problem is resolved or not. If it does not resolve your error then it means that your disk structure is fine and there is problem with your data.
The second approach should be used in the event of a healthy disk structure with a corrupted data. This approach has several types depending on the type of data file carried inside the drive. I will be explaining it one by one depending of the file type.

Recovering corrupted images :

If the images inside your memory card or flash drive become corrupted then you can use JPEG Recovery software. Below examples can give you an idea about the power of this software. This software can easily recover or correct them. JPEG Recovery can handle almost all of the JPEG pictures encoded by digital cameras.

Corrupted Image File Repaired

Recovering corrupted Word Documents:

If some of your word documents becomes corrupted then you can easily recover it without needing any external software. For this all you need to have on your system is Word 2007 or above.

Recovering corrupted Word Documents

  • Simply open any Microsoft word document.
  • Navigate to the office button on the top left corner click on open button.
  • In the open window select the corrupted document and select the option open and repair form the drop down.
  • This will repair you corrupted document.

Use of Recovery Softwares if your data is deleted:

There might be some cases wherein the data is deleted. You can also use some recovery softwares to recover your data if you have deleted the corrupted data out of frustration. Here I will be suggesting the softwares which could be used to recover your files:

PCInspector: PC Inspector is Windows-only software (means that is can be only used on Windows), PC Inspector Smart Recovery can help you to recover unintentionally deleted or formatted pictures from any storage medium used inside digital cameras. It supports recovery of video files and RAW images.

Recuva: Recuva is a freeware that can help you to recover your accidentally deleted files. Recuva recovers files deleted from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera card, or MP3 player. And the best part is that it supports all the file formats.

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