Weird Programming Languages

by Ankit on August 8, 2011

Do you like coding and see yourself as hardcore coder?? Do you feel as if you’ve mastered all the programming languages then just hold on! I guess this article can change your mind! Today in this article I am going to share a list of Weird Programming Languages.

Weird Programming Languages

There are many Weird Programming Languages in the world which most of us haven’t even heard of ! Each one of them is unique and has some weird mind boggling stuff associated with it. So, here I have compiled a list of all those freaking crazy languages.


This language was invented by Urban Müller, designed to realize its implementation in the smallest possible compiler, and his master-plan came into existence in 1993. Known for its great minimalism, and controversial name, Bf only has 8 commands +-. <>, [] and is practically useless in day to day programming needs, however recently few decoders have been designed to render it useful enough.


False is yet another weird programming language. It is said that it served as an encouragement for development of other similar esoteric programming languages like brainfuck. I have included False in this list coz of its highly confusing syntax, making it hard-to-understand.
For example, to calculate: 3 + 1, the command would be: (λ x → x + 1)(3): 3[1+]!

Weird! Isn’t it!


The language resembles fungus coz it is quiet unorganized like growing fungus. The Language was originally invented by Chris Pressey in 1993. It is quiet weird because basically the language models programs to be metric spaces attached with a co-ordinate system. Program execution is based on the co-ordinate points in the program space and the control flow was decided by the use of arrows.


It is a very funny programming language. It was designed to amuse the users with resemblance of the speech of lolcats. Here is a simple Hello World program in LOLCODE :



This language was invented by: David Morgan-Mar in 2002 . The code resembles more or less to a recipe.
chef programming language
For example if you have to put an item on stack yow will have to code like this: Put cinnamon into 2nd mixing bowl! Funny.


Created in 2006 by Juraj Borza. The language has got its name from the slang words “omg” and “rofl”. As a matter of fact “Rofl” is one of Omgrofl’s commands. Omgrofl is not case-sensitive. An intresting thing to know is that in this language variables must be a form of the slang word lol, like lol, lool, loool, looool.
Quiet Strange!


Do we have any Music lovers here coz this one is for them. Velato makes use of MIDI files as the input, with each command being determined by the pause between successive notes.
Symbolic programming language
The code can be represented as sheet music.


To add to this list of crazy programing languages, I have chosen whitespaces. No! No! Don’t be mistaken by the name. Whitespaces a weird language invented in 2002, by Edwin Brady and Chris Morris. The language uses only whitespace characters as syntax! When it was out on April 1st, 2003, most people took it as an April Fools’ joke, which it wasn’t.
program in Whitespace language
It only comprises of just the letter A, accompanied by commas, spaces and exclamations! It takes just the whitespaces into account, ignoring the non-whitespaces. Quiet Eccentric!

This was my list of some Weird Programming Languages. If there are any other such weird programming languages then please do share it in comments section below.


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