Tuesday, 9 September 2014

5 Ways to Convince Your Spouse that You Need a Custom Built Motorcycle

There's no better feeling than cruising the open road on your own, completely personalized motorcycle with a cool motorcycle helmet that you built from the ground up from one of the many custom bike kits available today. But there are also a lot of "practical" reasons for building a killer custom motorcycle using custom bike kits as opposed to buying a stock motorcycle or a car. If you're catching slack for wanting to custom build your own bike, try one or all of these logical, spouse-friendly arguments to show how your desire for a custom motorcycle is actually a benefit for the entire family.

You'll save money on gas:
The average motorcycle gets 50 miles per gallon as opposed to a car that gets an average of 21 miles per gallon. That means once you can start using your motorcycle to commute back and forth to work, you'll be spending half as much at the pump. When presenting your case, figure out the actual yearly savings and equate the dollar amount with an item you're spouse has been wanting like a designer bag or a vacation get away. Now that you've presented an impenetrable reason to own a motorcycle in general, it's onto making a case for custom bikes as opposed to stock motorcycles.

You'll be home more often:
That is, at least until you've finished building your bike. After that it's off to hit the highway on long cruises of pure, adrenaline induced freedom. Until then however, starting from one of the many custom bike kits means that you'll be tinkering in the garage for at least a few months while your custom vision comes together.

Custom bike kits cost less:
These kits can cost less than half that of a stock bike. If your spouse liked the idea of saving more than half on gasoline, saving more than half on the cost of the motorcycle itself is sure to go over even better. Additionally, with custom bike kits you can "pay as you go" for many of the non-essential accessories. With custom bike kits you're not out of pocket all of the money at once so you can use cash instead of credit to finance all or part of the bike.

Higher resale value:
Instead of depreciating in value like a car or stock motorcycle, custom bike kits allow you to build a completely unique vehicle that will hold or appreciate in value. The cooler and more elaborate the accessories that you add to custom bike kit, the greater the resale value of the finished motorcycle. It's a win, win situation-while custom bike kits are less expensive than stock motorcycles, they can actually end up being worth more. Though your motorcycle will probably be the last thing you'd ever part with, you can assure your spouse that a custom motorcycle is a smart investment. Should financial difficulty arise, the sale of your custom chopper will be a fast an easy way to save the day.

You'll save on repair costs:
With custom kits, you're building your motorcycle from the ground up. You'll know enough to take care of what would be costly repairs. Forget mechanics that charge $50 per hour for labor. Once you know the intricacies of your motorcycle inside and out, there won't be any repair that you can't handle yourself.

Add up the cost savings and there's really no reason why building your own custom motorcycle from on of the many custom bike kits available isn't a smart idea. Even better, get your spouse excited about the idea of designing and riding on your custom motorcycle. Most likely, your spouse wants the two of you to be happy and enjoy your life-the financial benefits are just icing on the cake.