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Few DIY Ways to Eliminate Flies

Flies are one of the most annoying insects in your household. There mere presence can make you feel yucky but most people do not know what these pesky creatures are actually capable of doing.
Flies are the carriers of various disease causing microorganisms. They collect microorganisms while sitting at filthy places and after that when they sit on food items they contaminate them.

A fly can reproduce very quickly and a handful of flies can translate into thousands in few days. The lifespan of a fly is only about a month but during that period it could lay 5000 eggs.
In this post, I am going to share few DIY methods that you can use in your homes to get rid of flies. So, let’s get started.

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  1. Using homemade Fly papers: Homemade fly papers are a great way to kill flies. To make your own fly paper at home you just need brown paper bag, a pair of scissors, corn syrup, thread, heating pan. First cut 2 inch strips from the paper bag, then heat the corn syrup in the heating pan and merge the strips in the pan for 8 hours. Later take the strips out, let them dry and then tie a thread to them and hang them in the areas where you have most flies.
  2. Using Herbs: Certain herbs like Basil, Bay leaves, Mint, Lavender and Rosemary help to keep flies at a bay. The reason behind this is, these plants secrete certain scents that flies hate the most and due to this flies cannot stay in the presence of such plants. You could grow these plants indoors or outdoors to eliminate flies. One important thing that I would like to mention here is that while watering such plants do not water them at leaves as this closes their leave openings and hence the quantity of scent emitted reduces significantly.
  3. Using Dish Soap Spray: Do you know what is the main ingredient of an ordinary dish soap? It is Borax. Borax is an element that has insecticidal properties and it is particularly effective against flies. To make Dish Soap Spray, take an empty spray bottle and pour 3-10 drops of dish soap (lemon or apple flavoured dish soaps are better than floral ones), next add 2 cups of warm water to the bottle. Close the lid and shake the mixture well, now your dish soap spray is ready to kill flies. To use it simply spray this on the flies and you will see them dying almost instantly.
  4. Using Sugar baits: It has been proved scientifically that flies are 200 times more sensitive to sugar than human tongue. And you could use this fact to kill them. Take a jar and pour sugar syrup in it, next create a paper cone and cut a hole of 1 cm diameter at its apex. Now inset the cone into the jar, upside down but make sure that it should not touch the syrup.
  5. Using transparent plastic pouch: I have heard many people saying that, when they hang a transparent plastic pouch filled with water and few pennies near their entrances, the flies magically clear up on their own. This method really works and is based on a scientific fact that flies have compounded eyes that act as 8000 lenses coupled together. This does not mean that flies have a great eyesight but it indicates that flies are very good at detecting changing light patterns and this is the way how they detect movements. A transparent plastic bag filled with water refracts light in all possible directions and flies see it as a constantly changing motion.
So, this was all about the topic. Do share if you know any other interesting or wired ideas to kill these pesky creatures.

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