How to change password in Lotus Notes 8.5

I have often seen my colleagues struggling to change password every month in Lotus Notes. So on their request here is a post to explain it further.Actually somehow the Change Password option is inconspicuous (not noticeable) in Lotus Notes which leads to all of this tussle to change passwords. In this tutorial, I will be guiding you on how to change password in Lotus Notes 8.5 using following steps and screenshots.

Below is a Step-by-Step procedure to change password in Lotus Notes :

Please follow below mentioned steps to change your password in Lotus Notes.
Step 1: First of all open Lotus Notes by double clicking Notes icon.

Step2: After Lotus Notes open. Click on “File”.

Step 3: Now Select “Security”.

Click on File

Step 4: Now under Security select “User Security” as shown in the figure.

Step 5: After selecting User Security, following pop up screen would be prompted.

Enter Password

Step 6: Now enter your current password and click on Login Button as shown in below screenshot.

Enter the Password

Step 7: After entering the correct password, following screen would be prompted.

Change Password Screen

Step 8: Click on “Change Password” Button displayed in above screen.

Step 9: You will be asked again to enter your current password. After entering your current password. Click on the Login Button.

Step 10: After entering your current password you will be navigated to the “Change Password” screen as shown in below screenshot.

Change Password Screen

Step 11: A pop up message would be displayed to confirm that your password has been changed successfully.

Please note that although I have shared these steps to change password of Lotus Notes 8.5, however same procedure applies to other versions of Lotus Notes as well. If you want some additional information on how to check your password strenght then you should go through this article.

So this was changing password in Lotus Notes 8.5. Please feel free to share your comments, suggestions or any issues in the comments section below.


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