How to Make Your Computer And Broadband Internet Faster

Using a broadband internet with a computer that performs woefully can be very appalling. The truth that many internet users fail to understand is that your broadband internet cannot browse faster than your computer permits it. If your computer is superfast, your broadband will also be superfast. But when your computer is too slow you shouldn’t expect your broadband internet to be faster.

How to Make Your Computer And Broadband Internet Faster

Generally some computers are fast but along the line, due to the way the user uses it, it will become slow and deteriorate gradually till it packs up totally. Can a computer that is really slow and is causing my broadband internet to perform slowly become well again? Yes, if you want your computer to perform better it can. That is why I will be discussing some tips that will help improve the performance your computer hence aiding the better performance of your broadband internet.

Remove temporary system files

Temporary system files are downloaded from the internet and are stored on your computer’s hard disk to make the site you are visiting load faster. But the problem about it is that each time you visit a website for the first time it downloads these files and stores it on your computer, that is you system cache. It is much useless because it’s not every website you visit today is what you are going to keep visiting. Temporary system files are the major contributors of your computers sluggishness. Clear these temporary files from your computer. Do it frequently and you will be amazed at how well your broadband internet will perform.

Update your antivirus program

Keeping virus out of your system is not only by installing an antivirus on your computer. If you install the best antivirus on your computer and you don’t keep it up dated regularly there is a greater opportunity for viruses to float into your computer and cause havocs to your system.

Once there are viruses in your computer you computer will perform badly and this will definitely affect your broadband internet. You might be asking which antivirus you should use, it depends on your choice. But I always recommend Avast ativirus and AVG because they are the ones I use.

Uninstall unused software applications

For you to enjoy better internet on your computer, your computer needs to be in good shape and it should be very tidy. You shouldn’t install just any application on your computer. Some applications you install ignorantly on your computer can jeopardize your privacy and cause your internet great damages.

Make sure you uninstall applications that you don’t make use of from your computer. When there are too many applications that you don’t use on your system your system will become slow and it will often result in your system hanging frequently. And you can’t enjoy a better internet on a system that hangs frequently.

Increase your RAM

Among the many factors that determines how fast your computer will perform the RAM (Random Access Memory) is the major factor. The quantity of the random access memory on your computer determines whether it can perform faster with a good broadband internet installed on it or not.

Many people don’t even want to feel concerned about the size of RAM that their system is having but all they are concerned about is that their hard disk space is very big and the computer has great and sleekly appearance.

Let your major concern, when your computer functionality is concerned, be the size of RAM installed on it because without a reasonable amount of RAM installed on your computer you can hardly enjoy it.

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