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Bing has given a spank to Google’s recently launched “Search Plus Your World”. Bing has clearly proved that it is not going to be an underdog in this race of search engines by reincarnating the design of Bing search with Facebook  driven sidebar.

How will Bing Search with Facebook Sidebar Look?

Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates together have given a new dimension to social networking and search engines. Let me clear that social networking is not just an auxiliary feature of Bing. Bing will add a Black sidebar on the right side of the search results, which will show the results from Facebook. You could check out the below screenshot to get a look and feel of how it looks.

Bing Search With Facebook

How will the Bing Search with Facebook work?

I know after seeing the above screenshot you will be really eager to know how the Bing search will work in collaboration with Facebook.


Let’s say you are new to London and are looking for a restaurant to dine in. Now to search restaurants online, you type in “Restaurants in London” in the search box at Bing and hit the search button.

The Bing Search Engine would show you the results from internet (like it uses to do now). In addition to this Bing will also show you search results from Facebook and will share the posts of your friends who have been London or have visited any restaurant over there. It displays the the Facebook results according to the keywords contained in your friends posts.

This search result would definitely help you as you could now easily talk to that friend and know more about the restaurant. If this Facebook search was not available then you had spend some more time over the internet and go through few reviews wherein you need to rely on the reviews provided by some anonymous reviewers.

What are the benefits of using Bing + Facebook Search instead of normal one?

I personally would prefer the Facebook Bing Search because of the following two reasons:

  • Firstly its always better to trust the reviews written by your own friends.

Example: If you are planning to buy a brand new phone and your search for its review on Bing then you would also be able to see if some of your friend has already purchased it and if he has recommended it or not.

  • Second thing is that you need not necessarily interact with your friend as you could easily know what he or she has already posted. So tell me isn’t it great??

Why Bing is better than Google Search Plus?

I will be sharing some of the points which will tell you why Bing is better than Google Search Plus:

  1. Bing’s social integration is certainly better than Google. As I have already mentioned Bing includes a black box placed on the right side of the search results.
  2. Secondly Bing is not using Google Plus data. Another advantage of using Facebook data is that it is more established in the world of social networking than Google Plus so that Bing will be able to collect relevant data for showing the personalized search results.
  3. Facebook has billions of registered users which will give more refined search results than that of Google’s Search Plus.
  4. The biggest feature is that Bing is not targeting only Facebook for getting social data. Bing is also providing the relevant results from your connected Quora, LinkedIn, and Twitter users.

This was all from me on this alliance of Bing Search with Facebook. Do share your comments on what you think will be the outcome of this tussle between Google and Facebook.


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