Mozilla Reveals Firefox 13 Beta Available For Free Download

Yesterday on 27th April 2012 Mozilla launched Firefox 13 Beta version into the market. Firefox 13 is a faster and much secure web browser when compared to its predecessors or the other products currently in the market.

Mozilla Reveals Firefox 13 Beta

Let’s peep into History:

Firefox was one of the first browsers that shook the world with its features when people were just happily browsing the internet with Internet explorer. It gave them a better web browsing experience. Meanwhile the stock/default web browser bundled with Windows OS never looked to outshine Mozilla Firefox. It was no match to the features of Mozilla Firefox. So, Firefox became the market leader in a short time.

But the kingship of Firefox was short lived and the Internet’s Big “G” launched its Chrome browser in the market and from there onwards both these browsers are fighting really hard to bring the best. And for becoming the best they roll out updates every second day to outshine one another.

Features of Firefox 13 Beta:

The new feature that Firefox 13 Beta incorporates is “SPDY”. This protocol is intended to become the successor of HTTP. SPDY protocol reduces the amount of time it takes to load a webpage.

According to Mozilla “SPDY encrypts the communications with SSL, which makes the browsing more secure”. It also makes the chances of a hacker to overhear your web communications thinner. Although in today’s time the websites that supports SPDY protocol are very few in numbers and hence the users will only see the difference in the sites that support SPDY Networking.

Firefox 13 Beta also has an upgraded homepage design which provides easy access to the bookmarks, settings, history, add-ons and downloads etc. The browsing tabs are also redesigned to match the Chromes looks. New feature “Quick Links” is also added to the browser that can be customized at a single click.

What’s new for Software Developers?

The beta version of Firefox 13 also has some updates for the Software Developers, the tools like page inspector now also allow you to gaze into the CSS pseudo classes and the Style editor has the capability to save the CSS files via file:// URLs. This makes the life easier as it doesn’t prompt you to make workflows for experimenting with CSS files.

You can download Firefox 13 Beta version form the official Firefox site at:
Mozilla Firefox Beta’s Website.

Now we just have to see that whether Google Chrome has any answer to Firefox 13 or not.
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