Hidden Skype Emoticons and Smileys

by Ankit on April 21, 2012

I think you will be surprised to know that there is a particular set of emoticons and smileys that is hidden and is not visible to chat users. Like many other chat clients Skype also has a set of hidden emoticons generally called as hidden Skype emoticons, which users can enter by typing the code associated with the smiley. I believe the people at Skype have made these emoticons hidden for a good reason as majority of them represent rude gestures like smoking and drinking. So, they are not good for the general daily conversation and it can also have a bad effect on children.

Apart from the normal hidden Skype emoticons, skype also provides country flags as emoticons. You can simply use them by typing (flag:xx) where xx represents the country code. These hidden emoticons are having high image quality and they do not show any signs of pixilation on the chat bar.

List of Hidden Skype Emoticons:

Please find below list of emoticons and smileys that are hidden in Skype:

Skype hidden emoticons


Hidden Skype flag icons:

For entering flags in the Skype chat bar you can simply use the pattern (flag:xx) where xx represents the country code. The country code is the alphabetical code for the country, for example the country code for India is IN so the flag emoticon for India would be (flag:IN).

Skype Country Codes

Don’t know your Country code? It’s okay if you don’t know your country code you can simply find out your country code by using the above image. Just find your country flag in the image and then check its column and row alphabets and it’s your country code.

Well that was all from me, if you know any other Skype emoticons then please share them in the comments section.

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