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Scrabble is one of the best seller board games which all of us have played in childhood. If this game is unknown to you then probably you would have been an outdoor type while growing up or on Mars. Today in this post I am going to share the ways for playing scrabble online free.

To be honest there are actually very few places on internet where you can play scrabble online for free of cost. After a long research, here is a list on ten websites or ways to play scrabble online free.

Play scrabble online free on Facebook :

You will be amazed to know that Scrabble is available at Facebook.

  • Before processing to the Scrabble it will Request for Permission.
  • After you Allow. You will be navigated to Scrabble Game.
Play scrabble online free
  • Here you will be having two options to play scrabble.

1) Create Game: In this option you would be able to create your own game. You have to invite 3 Opponents to start the game. Please note that these opponents could be Random People online or your friends who are online.

Scrabble on facebook

2) Join Random Game: In this option you would be able to join any random game and start playing.

Scrabble Cubes – WorldWinner :

WorldWinner gives you a 3D experience of playing Scrabble online. All you have to do is to just register for free. After successful registration you just need to login. In this version of Scrabble you have to connect adjacent letters by rearranging some with a click. The value of the letters is same as that of the traditional game.

Scrabble Cubes - WorldWinner

This game is really full of challenge as you have to think in three dimensions to make words.

Internet Scrabble Club :

Internet Scrabble Club is the online battleground of all scrabble fans. To start playing you have to register a name first. After registering you need to Install their interface and then use that to connect to ISC server.

Internet Scrabble Club

In case you get stuck anywhere and need help then please click on this link.

Lexulous :

To be honest, Lexulous is not SCRABBLE. Although it takes a lot from the rules and ways of SCRABBLE with minor alterations. It also comes as apps for Nokia, Blackberry, and iPhone. It also comes as a Facebook app too which started the frenzy.

Play Scrabble on Lexulous

It’s probably the best free online SCRABBLE like game presently.

WordSquared :

WordSquared is the biggest multiplayer online word game inspired from SCRABBLE. The game board is large with lots of players playing on it in real time. The goal of the game is to build a chain of words as much large as possible before others start occupying the squares next to you. Although you have to use your own words to build your chain and garner points which is quite different from Scrabble.


So this was all about how to play scrabble online free of cost.

Good Luck and Happy Scrabbling. :-)



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