Play Cut the Rope Game Online on any Browser for Free

This would be a relief pitcher to all fans of “Cut the Rope” game that are bound to play it on mobile phones. In this article I am going to highlight the way to play Cut the Rope game online on any browser for free.

Before suggesting the ways, I will be throwing some light on this game for the newbie. As most of you would be aware “Cut the Rope” is a premium paid app for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry Playbook and Android Smart phones. It is a puzzle game that requires you to figure out the possible way to get a piece of candy into the mouth of a green cartoon called “Om Nom”. The candy hangs by one or many ropes which player has to cut with a swipe finger (or using cursor) It could also be manipulated using other objects like bellows, floating bubble. The second goal of the game is to pick up three stars in each level by touching them with the candy, in order to keep the candy within box and to prevent spike and electricity hazards.

Play Cut the Rope Game

ZeptoLab, the creators of the game have recently partnered with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to launch the online version of Cut the Rope. You would now be able to play ‘Cut the Rope’ game online on Cuttherope IE without paying a single penny.

Even though the site suggests that it works with Internet Explorer 9, I was able to play it on Google Chrome. The game is coded in HTML5 and furnishes 25 Levels on IE9 for free. The game is powered to play on following browsers, Internet Explorer 9, Upcoming Internet Explorer 10, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Play Cut the Rope Game Icon

The most amazing trick is that if you pin Cut the Rope to your Windows 7 taskbar, wait and observe till Internet Explorer 9 takes on game look. You will be surprised to know that the game unlocks 7 exclusive levels which you have never seen before for lots of Om Nom candy eating fun!

Please note that the online version comes up with the sound effects which will get automatically played as soon as you reach the page Cuttherope IE. So do remember to turn off volume in advance if you are at work.

Play Cut the Rope Game Screenshot

Nowadays various popular mobile games (like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja,etc) are also getting available online to attract the online visitors.  Many websites are using this trend to promote online visitors to play these games online so that the users get addicted to the game and will eventually purchase game apps for playing anywhere, anytime on their mobile phones or tablets.

So this was all about playing “Cut The Rope” online on any browser for free.

Happy Om Nomming. :)

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