Review: Apple iBooks 2 an Evolution in the world of Textbooks

“I don’t think there’s ever been a textbook that made it this easy to be a good student,” said Phil Schiller while launching Apple iBooks 2 . As we all would agree, Traditional textbooks are very expensive, physically bulky and prone to becoming obsolete. However an iPad is interactive, searchable and can be updated. But while the iPad is portable, durable and searchable, it lacks content. To end that, Apple’s iBooks 2 will be its “new textbook experience for the iPad.”

Apple iBooks 2 front view
Apple’s  iBooks 2 it will take the textbook experience to an entire new level. It is an app which could be downloaded for free from the App Store. After downloading the app, you need to go to iBookStore. With a tap, you would be revealed to the iBookstore, where you’ll find over 700,000 books and counting — many of them free to fill your iPAD library with Books along with an entirely new breed of TextBooks.

Now lets get a bit deeper into Apple iBooks 2 and its features. A Multi-Touch textbook on iPad is absolutely beautiful, its gives a full-screen experience with lots of interactive diagrams, photos, and videos. You can dive into an image with interactive captions, rotate a 3D object, highlight text, take notes, search for content and find definitions in glossary just simply by sliding a finger.

Students no longer need to worry about carrying huge backups, all the above feature come on a single iPAD, they take it anywhere at anytime.

3D Images

Readers can manipulate the 3D images with a touch of finger.Now instead of seeing a cross-section of heart, they can see all sections of heart just at a flip.

3D images in Apple’s iBook2

Interactive Images:

A picture tells a thousand words. Features like callout, pan-and zoom add even more to the reading or learning experience.

Interactive Images in Apple iBooks 2

Interactive Gallery:

This feature allows readers to swipe through an entire collection of interactive photos and captions. Readers can navigate gallery using thumbnails or go through images one by one at a time.

Interactive gallery in Apple ibooks 2

Highlighting and Note-Taking:

Using an Apple iBooks 2 students can highlight texts while reading.  Reader can also change highlight color, switch to underlining or add a note instantly. After all this if reader switches to the Notes view, he would be able to see all notes, highlighted text organized at one place, enabling to search or go back to the highlighted sections.

Highlighting and Note-Taking on apple ibooks2

Study Cards:

All highlighted notes appear on study cards. User can easily flip them to find the definition in glossary. To check if you really have understood the stuff, you can shuffle your cards to study.

The books will be featured in a new Textbook section on the iBookstore. It is worth noting that top publishers like Pearson, McGraw Hill and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt have signed on as partners. As of now iBookstore is having several text books of 1GB+ in size to cover grades 7-12 at a nominal proce of $14.99 each. Many more text books will be lined up soon.

To conclude I must say that Apple iBooks 2 has started the biggest revolution in the educational systems.

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