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Yesterday I was reading an article about Facebook security and there I read something that boggled my mind. According to a survey Spammers try to break into Facebook seven times per second. So, with this number you can easily get an impression how unsafe are your online assets.  And thus as a precaution you have to keep your passwords stronger.

Keeping your passwords stronger will help you as no one can guess your account passwords and also they are quiet resistant to brute force and dictionary attacks. Brute Force method to break a password is to test all the permutations and combinations that can be used in a password field and on the other hand dictionary attack is a method wherein a program tries to use every word in a dictionary as your account password. In this post I am going to list some websites which can help you to check strength of password.

Hackers Ready to Break in your Passwords

I have visited these websites myself and read their disclaimer policies they say that they don’t save any passwords. But I would still suggest you not to use your real passwords there. For instance if your real password is Nove@2011 use some other matching password like Febu@2011.

Password Meter:

This website gives you a score based on how strong your password is. The website uses a complex algorithm to check the strength of your passwords and latter gives your password a score based on your password strength.

How Secure is my Password:

Here you can get an idea of how much time will it take for a pc based hacking tool to hack your password. The more stronger your password is more time it will take to break it. Apart from these things this website also gives you tips on whether your password is a dictionary word or not, coz dictionary names are easier to crack and hence should be avoided in a password.


how secure is my password

Microsoft Password Strength Checker:

This is a Microsoft prescribed tool to check your password strength. It does not show the exact time to break a password but it categorizes your password as Week, Medium, Strong and Best.

Check Strength Of Password

According to it the strength of password is depended on the character used and the overall length of the password. So, it’s better to choose alphanumeric and long passwords.

So, this was how you can check strength of password. Choose stronger passwords and be safe. :-)


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it solutions lincoln ne December 7, 2011 at 8:12 pm

What's amazing is the massive difference that minor changes make. Per the second link, the password "blueshoes" can be cracked in about 10 minutes versus "blue shoes" taking almost 50 years. Make your password an easy-to-remember phrase with spaces and you will be safe.

Admin December 8, 2011 at 5:31 am

@it solutions lincoln ne: Ya absolutely right and that's why it is said "Simple things can make a big difference". :D

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