How To Check IP Of A Website via Selfseo

by Ankit on September 21, 2011

As we all know that all the websites have a static IP address and today I am going to share with you how to check ip of a website via selfseo. This will not only tell you the ip of the website but also its hosting location. This might be helpful if you want to know why your competitor’s site is performing well on some search engine because, some search engines give more preference to the websites that are hosted locally. For example bing in India gives preference to Indian sites and in US or UK gives preference to the US and UK sites.

For those who are not comfortable with the term IP address, I will explain what an IP is. An internet Protocol address (IP Address) is a numerical label assigned to each device that participates in a computer network. It is quite interesting to notes that apart from computers other peripheral devices such as printers also have IP addresses. The main jobs of an IP Address are host identification and location addressing. This means that it is only through the IP address a computer verifies a device present in the network.

How To Check IP Of A Website via Selfseo

Now let’s head on to the topic. So here you go:

  1. First of all, go to the SelfSeo website.
  2. On the page there is an textbox that says “Enter the URL” simply type in the url of the website whose ip address you want to know, and click the “Get IP button”.
  3. After clicking the “Get IP”, button the website will show you the IP address of the website that you just entered along with its server location.

Note: Please make a note that two websites can also have same ip address this means that both the websites are on shared hosting on the same server.

So, by following the above steps you can easily know how to check ip of a website.
Happy Surfing !!


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