How to Send a Text Message (SMS) Using Email

by Ankit on February 18, 2012

Last week I came across an intresting article that was about sending a text message using email after reading that article I thought of wrting on the same topic on my blog too so that my blog readers can also take the benfit of this.

These days only few people are aware of this trick to send SMS from email. Actually there are many benifts of this trick. The most important ones are that its cost effective, secondly it is easier to type on computer keyboard rather than from a phones keypad, Thirdly you can send text messages even if your phone is out of coverage area but you have a computer near you, finally it is a boon for the people who don’t have a cellphone.

How to Send a Text Message Using Email

The Basic Requirements for this Trick:

The first thing is you require the persons mobile number, to whome you are going to send the SMS. The second thing is you should know the service provider of the cell number to whom you are planning to send the sms. The third and the most important thing is you should have an internet connection.

Basic Logic Behind the Trick

The Basic Logic behind the Trick: Most of the mobile carriers have free Email to SMS gateways which can be used to forward simple text emails to mobile phones. And the best part is these gateways are available to general public.

How to Send a Text Message Using Email:

1. Log on to your email account and open the new email button where you can compose new emails.

2. Now type the message that you want to send in the body of the mail try to keep the message of 160 characters as longer messages may get truncted.

3. Its better to leave the subject field blank.

4. Now type the recipient’s 10 digit mobile number followed by an “@” and the cell cariers email domin for text messaging.

5. Ensure that you have removed your email signature from rthe email body as having an email signature in your sms is quiet absurd.

6. After this click the “Send” button and your message is sent.

For example:

For example if the recipents number is “9876543210″ and Virgin Mobile is the service provider then, the sms gateway domain is “” so in the “To: ” field you have to enter [email protected]

So, this was how you can send a text message using email. If you liked the post then please share your comments.


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